Listen to me and Mark Brown talk dogs, Trump, the Faff Zone and mental health on BBC Ouch

Do you procrastinate to the point that you get very little done? And how do you break free?

Presenters Mark Brown and Seaneen Molloy-Vaughan (that’s me!) call it the Faff Zone and say it hijacks your mind.

It’s a mental health takeover on this week’s BBC Ouch podcast. Drop in on the two as their lively and reassuring discussions give a bit of necessary focus and humour to living with mental health difficulties.

(Sorry for sharing this in a less detailed, personal way – I have just moved country and am starting a new job tomorrow!)

3 Responses

  1. Really enjoyed this – I’m actually stuck in the FAFF ZONE myself at the mo – great way to describe what happens – or doesn’t, more to the point! LOL

    Hope you are keeping well 😀 Mags :d


  2. Hope you settle well back in Belfast!

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