Tonight I’m going to party like it’s 2008

Starting a newish medication, it’s quite a nostalgic feeling, in a way.

I am now officially Over Quetiapine. Woohaa. The itching has stopped and melatonin-coupled with a total lack of energy and motivation- means I am sleeping, though recently waking up loads. I have been increasingly low, slow and dead-brained within the past two weeks- I wonder if the two things (medication withdrawal/chemicals you were used to no longer being there and low mood) are related. I think they probably are as I have been fine for ages and ages.

Either way, my lack of energy extends to not writing/talking about it and I didn’t mention it to the GP and made an effort to seem cheerful. This two shall pass etc.

I’m getting tested for diabetes- I asked for that due to a) Quetiapine causing it and b) having the symptoms of it. If I have it, I will blow up the President and his balls (phrase inserted just for amusing search results).

I am Under Lamotrogrine, which I haven’t been on since 2008, and which I came off for reasons, not related to side effects, of which I had none. I was prescribed it this morning for ??? Mentalism Unspecified. It is is an insurance thing as I did tell the GP I can’t take Quetiapine long term. Well, I was anyway, but I mean in the next 3 years when I actually have to function like a human being and can’t exhort whoever is unlucky enough to be trying to wake me up to go and fuck themselves. It is just not compatible with, well, life. Other than sleeping.

The option was either Lamictal or no medication at all. I am actually quite happy doing the latter as I don’t think I need it but I am also a bit cautious because a lot is coming up.  (I have decided to go to university this year, and not next year).

But, ha, I’ve been referred to the community mental health team, just as a precaution because my GP doesn’t have much experience with this medication. Which is fine and understandable, but amusing as I had hoped to avoid them ever again, until I was actually working with them! I’m worried it’s going to mean I can’t be placed in my own borough at university. I told her I don’t need any significant input (I am a bit down, but managing that okay, see, thinking about the future and shit) but she’s the cautious type, and I appreciate that.

Another little thing- why am I on a QOF mental health register? Nobody told me! What does that mean? Did they slip a tracking device on me without me realising?

So then, a Mentalist Update!

Well, if it’s here and some old readers may return, I shall give you a brief Mental Health Update!

I am fine, as I was when I last wrote to you, and I continue to be fine. A few stress/panic episodes which were absolutely understandable aside (first proper full time job non-dossing non-writing job in 4 years! College! etc!), I have been stable for quite a long time now! My last bout with the devil was in September last year. And I kicked its arse! Bastard.

I currently have a full time job, I’m trying to finish 2 essays before Monday and, that done, I shall hopefully receive my hallowed Certificate of Higher Education! Hooray! I may indeed be YOUR future mental health nurse. I absolutely promise not to be a total bell-end. If I ever recommend a nice cup of tea and a bath then you have my permission to kick me out of your house and into traffic.

I’m no longer taking any medication. That’s a new development- I stopped it two weeks ago. The first week was horrific insomnia, tearfulness and ARGH ITCHING, but this week has been fine, thanks to a ton of antihistamines and melatonin. To fall asleep- not to be bludgeoned into its submission- is a wonderful thing. I have not gone a bit weird, as feared. Sleep, as I thought, seems to be the absolute crux of me staying well and groovy. However, I’ve run out of melatonin, so I may be stripping to my knickers and firing the rest of my togs out the window yet.

I’m seeing my GP in just over a week to discuss long term, non-sedating medication. But honestly, if I continue to be alright as I am, I think I’ll say nay bother. The downside is, I’m pretty sure I have developed diabetes. So I need to mention that. Thanks, Seroquel!

Robert and I are still together and still very happy.

Life is good. And thus I have very little to write about on this blog!

Will you see at the Other Place!


News for my many ones of fans!

I no longer need to keep it private, so it’s back here, in all its unglory, and the redirect is off.

I’m actually going to bring the archives online again, too. I’ve hidden everything more than a year old, but what’s the point? As far away from those posts, as that person- as I feel these days, it all still happened!

I wish I could change the URL as I do not believe I have manic depression, so I should be done under the Trades Descriptions Act!

You can now read and comment here again!

That said, I still live over at the more updated so see ya!

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