Is it time to end The Secret Life blog?

I haven’t really been posting here, for a number of reasons.

One is that social media has taken over slightly – discussions are had more in real time than in the reflection of blogs and comments.

Another is that, in terms of my own mental health, there’s nothing really to report. I remain the same anxious bundle of energy that I always have been.  Parenting with my history – well, that’s something I’d like to discuss, but I feel like I’ve sort of backed this blog into a very specific corner that my life and thoughts – my normal, every day life and thoughts on other topics- don’t really fit into it. Nor does any sort of creative writing.

For all I’ve shared here over the past OH MY BLOODY GOD 12 YEARS, I haven’t shared much about my day to day life. Because it’s not very interesting! Nor do I share my thoughts on many other topics.

My 2 most recent posts have been me trying to reconcile and understand grief and missing Lyra and David, which don’t really fit into this blog’s topic.  I actually got some shit for my post about David on my blog’s Facebook page which led to me pulling it down for a while. But I can’t write this stuff out there then where to?

Part of my reluctance to just quietly put this blog into mothballs is that it has been my home on the internet for over a decade, and I don’t want to start again!

So, to whoever is reading, I ask you:



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