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  1. Heya Seaneen,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added your blog to my blog’s link list πŸ™‚ Thank you for wandering in last November and leaving a comment – if not for my necessary break from blogging, I would have linked you sooner.

  2. You’re on my blogroll!! πŸ™‚

  3. Perhaps you could squeeze me in somewhere. I could do with some attention right now!
    P.S. I’ve been following yours for a while. Mine’s still only a wee baby!

  4. You’re on my blogroll.


    PS I feel cheeky asking so I won’t.

    PPS Yes blogroll is a funny word – I’m trying to work out if it is supposed to be a pun on bogroll or not.

  5. You’re on my blogroll too.

  6. I’m very confused and don’t know what the f**k all this blogrolling is about. It sounds like fun though and I’d like to go a’ blogrolling wit u if poss. I’ll try to add you to my currently bare blog as yours was the first blog I ever looked at (about two weeks ago) through the all in the mind program. I’ve been dipping into it ever since-it’s a great read πŸ™‚

  7. You’ve made it to my 2-day old blogroll! Onward!

  8. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll


  9. We appreciate your endorsement! Would ya link to us, too?!

    Signed, Sociological Images

  10. I’ve just started a new blog–completely inspired by yours. props!

    I’m going to add you (once I figure out how).

    Here’s mine, Emotional Turbulence:

  11. I’m mentely interisting also When i was on a high started with a decompression of remembering what happened for ten years of my child hoods nightmare first I cought my father rapeing my older sister on christmas eve then in the morning of christmas he burst into the room and grabbed me by my throwt and squesed the life out of me for the fear of me telling on him
    But i came back and over some years he did this over and over he could not figure how I kept coming back.
    To change the world just as a buterfly flaps it’s wings and starts a huracane acros the world
    I’m ignamatic as is life.
    Yes i am an amarican but as we all are a hole differint movie we see.
    It’s all about perspective

  12. Hi!!
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added your blog to my blog’s link list πŸ™‚
    My blog is in french, but will include regularly english articles abour BPD, bipolar disorders and other mental health issues…
    My blog is “Chroniques sous Lithium” at


    • thank you,
      I figured no one would read my words cool french I’ve always liked the sound of the french peoples tongue I live on top of a mountain I have a wife and two kids who I Love with all of my being and soul.
      I grew up in chicago from the time I was 13Yrs old I eas living on the streets trying to keep away from me at age 17Yrs 1990
      I started following the Grateful Dead and became a “Dead Head” long dred locks when no one but us deadheads had well except for some rastas so we really stuck out like in the montana very rednecks but I.m sure they are good people just not the ones I meet
      When I say I live on top of a mountain we’re at 4000 thousand feet what is it in metric 1300 meters? no electricity or running water “The only running water is in a bucket running through the door.
      But I feel safe up here my father can’t touch me up here and he showed up he would be in a world of pain that I would not stop myself from giving him that is why I live in top of a mountain 2000miles away and no money to snap and go find him I’v put way to much time into thinking about ways to go about it.
      But I could never kill anyone one time when my father was rape me I asked him who he was he told me he was GOD and little of what I knew about the religion was that gods son was jesus so I would become jesus and I was no longer me being raped it was someone else jesus now I do know reality of what was really going on.
      When I was around ten Yrs old I told myself that no matter what I would never be like him “it” as my sisters and I called him.
      later the school wanted me to get some counseling he did memory regression and found that I was repressing a whole gambit of memories. but he could only get me so far with one of these memories and I would go into a fit like seizures and when I would come back I wouldd not remember anything that happened.
      So my father one day cause my mother thought I needed to see my father anyway he asked what we talked about and I said he turns off the lights not totally and do breathing exercise and talk about stuff.
      Well that was all he needed to hear and stomped a mud hole in me.
      after that he learned to hypnotism and really messed up my already screwed up mind. and my therapist know some thing happened he could not get the same relaxed state I remember him getting me and mom in together and told her what he thought was going on and she said no no no I maried a good man “YA RIGHT” real go guy only raper his three children.
      I was sold
      I was beaten to death on several different times
      I was raped
      and forced to do things that no one should’t ever have to even think about
      then when my father figured out he losing his control over me at 14Yrs. so he put in my mind through post hypnotic suggestion “My father was a computer programer from when DOS was king” so he knew line program and redundancy so it took a lot on my part to over power this programing.
      So for 24 Yrs. I repressed all those memories and when I did remember It all came back really fast. At the end of two weeks I had a mental brake down first jail then hospital welcome to the fourth floor.
      That was two Yrs. ago now I have good days and bad ones on and off the pills they want me to take the Zerplexa is bad for you makes me diabetic and druel on my self.
      So i just stay on my mountain and stay away from the world I have a grate wife A stepson 15 and my child 6Yrs.

      There is an old native americas that goes “grandad why do I feel so good and happy sometimes and other times I feel bad and angry’
      Grandad says ‘there are two wolfs inside of you One of anger and fear the other happiness and Love.’
      the boy asks’which one wins’
      Grandad saya the one you feed more”
      AKA Fire

  13. I’ve added you to my Blogroll. here is my link if you would like to add me:

  14. Thanks for your reply Jon.
    I’ll be adding posts in english to my blog, and will be happy to read more posts of yours.
    I confirm: 4000 thousand feet is in metric 1300 meters πŸ˜‰
    When you speak about living alone, far in the mountain, it reminds me of myself and my longing to stay away from people. Only it never lasts for a long time. My moods keep swinging.

    I was touched by everything you’ve written, it must have been very hard for you (and your sisters) to live.
    Yet, the end of your message was full of hope:
    Grandad says “the one you feed more” which means that even if we have suffered a lot, we all have the choice to move on, try to live better, forgive and forget…


  15. Like ripples in still water we all effect each other even in the most minisquel ways and to not effect anyone to to be dead.

  16. Hi, thank you for this blog. Yours was the first I was pointed to when I asked where I could find people blogging about mental health.

    I’ve started a related blog. Perhaps I will be one of the ones you describe as being abandoned after three posts. I hope not. I want to share my family’s experience and I hope it helps someone, somewhere.

    Even by getting the couple of comments I have so far, I feel it will be worthwhile.

    I want to find blogs about paranoid psychosis. If anyone can help, please drop by and leave a comment, thank you.

  17. I’ll put you on my blogroll if you put me on yours πŸ˜‰

    Ok. I actually already put you on mine.

    This is a GREAT blog, and I advise anyone who struggles with mood disorders anywhere on the spectrum to read, read, read when you’re feeling alone.

    I’m here at

  18. You’re on my blogroll!!

  19. Hi chaps, bear with me here, it takes me a while to read and add people!

  20. Completely understandable πŸ™‚

  21. Just wanted to let you know that finding your blog has really helped me in these initial months of diagnosis.
    It seems quite rare to find someone who writes honestly about the realities of living with this illness, who is as witty & talented as you are. Have added you to my blogroll.

    Please look after yourself & keep writing.

    Oh & my blog is if you feel like taking a look. No pressure or nothin’.

  22. I heard your play on radio today, it was so good and made me laugh recalling all my visits to Psychiatrists, CPNs, therapiests, counsellors etc. etc. I was diagnosed bi polar when I was 25 yrs old, I will be 60 in June. So been there done that. Anyone who has been newly diagnosed all I can say is at nearly 60 I AM still here and doing alright. So hang on in there you can live with it and sometimes life is good.

  23. Hi Seaneen,

    I listened to Radio 4 today while I was having a quiet moment to myself in Epping forest.
    I loved the play, it was touching and very emotional for me. I can identify with many of the feelings during the play, non of them happy feelings.
    I’m pleased I listened as it brought me here and now I will read more!

    Take care


  24. You are on my blogroll, if that means you are on list of blogs I read. Am new to blogging, so please forgive my crass stupidity on this. I have a physical invisible disability known as Ehlers Danlos and it is incredible how similar the treatment of invisible physical disability is with regard to assumptions etc. as is inflicted upon those with a diagnosis of mental illness. I have close family members with Epilepsy which is another condition clouded with the stigma, taboo and prejudice encountered each and every day by so many who know so little.

  25. I meant to put my blog above but hit the wrong button – sorry!

  26. so much to do, so much to read – just love it all.


  27. This is a website/blog hybrid and description:

    This is meant to show the thought process, emotions, and thoughts of people who have bipolar disorder in a way that has not been done before. It is a project to make sense out of the feelings we experience. To describe emotions and thoughts that are so overwhelming and difficult to describe. Read the free outline if you are interested. The website tracks the development that we are making.

    Experience ‘The Madness’: Madness Letters

  28. Here is my link:

    If you can blogroll me that would be great… but if you just want to use dome of my cartoons on your blog that is cool too… just back link them…


  29. Hi Seaneen, I’ve added you to my blogroll (actually your the first one).

    My blog is if you care to have a look/add it to you blogroll.

    Take care

  30. I’ve added you to mine!

  31. I’ve added your blog to my blog as well.

  32. heres my profile linkup to all my blogs . I have been subscribed to you for quite some time but cant quite figure how to add you as a link :

  33. I’ve added your blog to my fledgling bloglette. Well, more the thought of a bloglette at the moment, but anyway…

  34. I’ve added ya!

  35. Hi Seaneen

    I’ve been working on my blog for a couple of months now, more lately than earlier. Anyway, I was ‘hooked’ by your discussion of childhood schizophrenia, and added you to my so-far-very-short blogroll. Naturally, it would be great if you’d add a link to mine, but I see how popular your site is, and so understand if you can’t fit me in at this time. All the best to you, and I’ll keep reading.

    Will M.

  36. I’ve added you, and hope you might find time to take a look at my blog and see what you think…

  37. This website confuses me.

  38. Hey, love your blog. I’m leaving right now to put you up on my blogroll…Would you consider putting mine in yours? I’m just starting out but maybe the content is interesting enough?

  39. You’ve been in my blogroll since I started as I’m sure you know, but I was wondering if you’d add me. –

    I’d never felt I could ask before, but I don’t think I’ve ever looked at this page asking.


  40. Hi Seaneen,

    Great blog! I’m enjoying reading your posts, so have added your site to my blogroll. Just started my blog this week…

    The Magpie

  41. Hi Seaneen I think you might be interested in a project that we are working on. The website is for and about artists with bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. The website is there is a link to the blog there. Have a good day. – John

  42. you just cut out pps with schizoaffective disorder. not quite so romantic/fashionable I guess.

  43. Very interesting blog. And I kinda sorta write about my own experiences of depression and anxiety, as well as a political rant or two about the lack of awareness, understanding, insight when it comes to mental distress.

    Anyways, I have linked to your fine blog.

  44. I added this site to my blogroll.

  45. I would like to add you to my resources page on my website, if you could add me to your blogroll that would be great. When and if you do email me and let me know, just have it say “therapy” (have that hyperlink to my site Thank you.

  46. Hi there, I was looking through your site and enjoyed reading through it! I have a similar site, and was wondering if you were interested in doing a blogroll exchange? My site is – Thanks in advance! *Stefanie Madyco*

  47. I just added yours! Great Site!

  48. Hey. Just added you to my Bloglist. Here’s mine, if you want:

    Take care.


  49. I’ve just added you to my blogroll tonight as I’ve finally decided to sit down and figure out how they work. Thank you for all the terrific work you do.


  50. For some reason I thought that would be added automatically. Major newbie at blogging stuff.

  51. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Love your site.

  52. I love your site! You and I suffer from a lot of the same symptoms, although I didn’t understand that I had a mental illness until I was about 10 years older than you are now. I love your freshness and your humor. You are quite an inspiration about handling life with grace.

  53. Updating! Where the hell did this page go? I only just noticed it wasn’t published! Sorry!

  54. So here’s how the first post of my first blog starts:

    I know there are a lot of us who live our lives constantly ashamed of having been born and never doing anything with those lives. We could be doing anything at all — from drinking in the gutters to running huge corporations and everything sideways, up and down — and we still would think we’d failed.

    This is about my failed life. And maybe… about turning that failure upside down.

  55. Hi, Thanks for a great site. Hope you find this of interest. I have bipolar but my blog does not focus exclusively on this. It is quite general but I also talk quite a bit about bipolar and depression and the funds I raise from the feature I am doing it will be going to a mental health charity, probably Mind.
    Thanks very much
    Hope you are doing ok,


  56. I hope you can add my blog to your blogroll.


  57. Hi there Seaneen,

    I’ve been directed to your blog by Dan is as incredible as he said it was.

    I don’t personally have bipolar disorder but my mother does. I am writing a novel about a woman with bipolar disorder (which is not based on my mother)… One of the chapters from it is being published in an anthology of short stories soon…

    Have added your site to my blog’s favourites. If you fancy adding mine to blogroll that would be good (if you like it)..

    Check out the post ‘Bipolar for dummies’ if you have a second. Hope I’m not way off mark…


  58. Hi Seaneen hoping to get some blogs set up for sufferes of depression.Your site is excellent

    Des x

  59. I found your blog almost by accident. I have a new and still very lean blog that overlaps topics with yours. I am a “Reformed psychiatrist” and found better channels to revive my hope that there really is something we all can do to make life better for each other. I would love to follow your site regularly and contribute something to it once I get familiar with the whats and the whos who have been her longer.

    Please ad a link to .

  60. Hi Seaneen

    Finally got round to adding you to my blogroll. Fellow Norn Iron mad blogger here πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work.

    SI x

  61. I have a blog about raising a bipola child, and I would love to add your blog. I think it’s great!

  62. I started a new blog on my experience with depression. I have spent the first half of my life being controlled by depression and this blog is documenting my struggle to save the second part of my life from this illness.

  63. Love your blog. I’ve added you. Hope you check out my blog. It’s mainly about borderline personality disorder.


  64. Hey, if you can be arsed to take a glance at my blog and add it to your blog roll, then please do. If you have any advice on my posts if you get there, that would be much appreciated too. I know you get like 482309842309 comments a day so I’m not going to cry if you don’t get round to it but please keep up the writing, it puts a lot of things in perspective.



  65. Hi, you’re included on our so far pretty sparse list of mental health blogs and I hope to check out the links here as I have had to delete a load that were out of date. Thanks for continuing with this blog, I’ve lurked around quite a lot, please do check out our new blog if you want:

    Take care and thanks again. x

  66. My blog is a baby blog but I am a serial lurker. I started reading your blog when I was first diagnosed and has been a great help. anyhow you are on my blogroll which I’m pretty sure is a play on bogroll πŸ˜€

  67. ooh.. will you add me?
    It’s urbanevangelist from LJ xx

  68. My name is Zak. I’m a Yankee from Columbia, Missouri who happened upon your blog. I am new at networking about my bipolar experiences.

    My blog is:

    It is a work in progress.

    I am 40 years old and originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I managed to get a PhD in physics with multiple psychotic episodes throughout the years. My last hospitalization has been 10 years ago.

    I have been reintegrating my creative self with my daily self.

  69. Like you I am in my early 20s (24 to be exact) and like you have been misdiagnosed a few times in my life (as a youngin I was led to believe that I had ADD, then it was ADHD, then it was ADHD with OCD, then it was Agoraphobia, then it was Agoraphobia with OCD and ADHD, then it was Bipolar Disorder, then it was Rapid Cycling and Mixed Episodes and now, well now it is un-categorized Bipolar Disorder). Couple that with a 3 years lost to alcoholism and drug addiction, the occasional cutting and paranoid rage, and you can see we are somewhat similar. Our main difference being, that we live on different continents.

    But what this shows us, is that the face of mental-illness spreads throughout the world. We are a people that are misunderstood by a vast majority of the population and as such, it is up to us to change the world view on mental illness. Through my blog, I talk about my experiences with mental illness and drug addiction, as well as my fascination with religious experiences. If you have time, please check it out:

    Sorry for the long comment I just felt inspired. Well try to enjoy the rest of your weekend,


  70. Hi there! Hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blog list. I find your blog fascinating! If you want to squeeze mine in somewhere, that would be greatly appreciated too πŸ˜‰
    Take care,

  71. You’re on my blogroll, at

  72. Gonna add you to my blogroll list link ting x

  73. we’re on the same topics… just different views… but always living, loving and learning to be ONE and live in harmony in this universe

    love & peace

    if you want to us, we have links to many movies, sites, resources for all!

  74. Hey I added your blog on my blogroll. I should have done it long time ago, I’m a fan! Great work.

  75. i’m in the process of adding you to my blog roll, just ahve to work out how to do it. if you mine please add me.

  76. Hi Seaneen,

    Thank you for popping by my blog the other day and leaving a kind comment. I cannot believe I’ve never added you to my blog roll- I thought I had – must have been a blonde moment, I hope you can forgive me, especially since when you started your blog back on MG you inspired me months later to start mine.

    I’ve rectified it. You are on my blog roll.If you want to add me to yours, that would be fine, but only if you think I am worthy.

    Thank you again, and I hope you are having a lovely summer.

    Fellow catfriend across the pond.

  77. Hey there, love the blog =) I am soliciting I guess, LOL, I would like for you to take a look at my blog and possibly share it with others. It is about how I am coping with Bipolar 1, with rapid cycling and mixed moods. I am very new to the whole blogging world so forgive my boring text only blog thus far. I plan on spicing it up slowly and when my mood is right πŸ˜‰

    I plan on adding a few blog links to it, your blog being one of them.

    Take care and thanks for sharing!


  78. just added you to my blogroll

    ps: loveeee your blog πŸ™‚

  79. I’m in the process of building a blogroll to relevant blogs. I’d like to add yours. πŸ™‚
    Hope you’ll do the same. Keep writing.

  80. add me?

    I will add you as well πŸ™‚

  81. I would love to be on your blogroll. I just started my blog last night!

  82. Hi. This is an awesome blog. I love it.(added to my blogroll)

    I myself live with a mental condition and I also work as mental health caseworker for the CAB. The best job I ever had!

    Please take a look at my blog and if you like it I’d be grateful if you would add it to your blogroll.

    Keep up the good work!

  83. I love your blog! Solidarity from another manicdepressive, bipolar, tripolar or whatever they want to call it these days.


  84. Just added you to by blogroll… looking forward to reading more πŸ™‚

    Steph xx

  85. I have added you to my blogroll!

  86. I’ve just started a blog about my life experiences living with Borderline Personality Disorder and other mental illnesses and I’d like to be added (if you find it interesting) to the blogroll. I’d like to reach other people who are struggling or recovering like I am but I’m clueless as where to start, so thought I’d give this a try.

  87. Hello Seaneen! Loving your blog (and that you love PiL!). Added you to my blogroll:

  88. Heya Seaneen,

    I have been away from mental health blogging for a couple of months, but I have restarted my blog Struggling with the Elephant in the Room, and I was wondering if you could link to my new blog:

    I hope all is well,


  89. For a fellow Molloy……

    yer a star.

  90. Hello, I put you on my blogroll, I love this blog. I am quite new to the blogging world, my blog is:-


  91. Hi there – Great site! I guess 1.1M visitors can’t be wrong. Great article on disclosure of mental illness at work. It’s a tough one still.

    I have added you to my blogroll, blog list, whatever you want to call it.

    Check out my blog and link to it if it meets your criteria (I hope it does).

    Take care,


  92. Hey… i’ll try to add you if i can figure it out… OR you can tell me how???!!!!

    Please add me at-

    if you like what you read πŸ™‚


  93. […]the time to study or pay a visit to the content or web sites we’ve linked to beneath the[…]

  94. If you find yourself bored so silly that you want to explore the rookie blog of a recently christened bipolar I American…have at it –

    Mind you….it is probably filled with irrelevant ramblings, and inaccurate information as I weed through the tall grass…but whatever.

    Excited to come across your blog, and enjoy the insanity together!

  95. […]check below, are some completely unrelated sites to ours, on the other hand, they are most trustworthy sources that we use[…]

  96. Hi! I’ve been following your writing for a few years, your blogs have helped me immensely by providing me a better context in which to exist as a person with a mental illness. Thanks!

    I’m attaching my website, I’ll give you a little run down on what it is:

    It is a web comic about bipolar disorder and a young woman’s first psychotic break.

    I am an art student, so I thought a good way to express my experiences with bipolar would be through comics, or graphic novels.

    The comic is almost completely online, but I am am still updating regularly, and will have the whole comic up soon.


  97. Not terribly familiar with blogs but wanted to advise that I have been cured of bi-polar by transforming with the Book The Power of Now. My pshychiatrist explained that I had changed my brain. I have been off meds for over a year, sleep 8 hours every night. It’s a new dawn and a new life. Bev

  98. I don’t have any blogroll. Our puppy keeps running off with it. That’s actually true… But yes, it is a funny word.

  99. I added this site to my blog’s blog roll. I’m not writing this comment to ask for a link or a shoutout, but just to let you know that I’m glad that you write about what you do, because it makes me feel better to read your stuff and it’s kind of an inspiration to me for when I try and think of what to write about next. πŸ™‚

  100. I am now following you! Thank you for putting this site together. I am writing you a personal email to your gmail account; if you get a chance to read it I will be so grateful! It will come from

  101. Over 100 responses to this Blog in comments.
    I also link in with WordPress and will let you have a link to a Blog I have been working on for Bi Polar people a.s.a.p
    Bye for now.


  102. Can you add mine? (Suicidally depressed former writer tries to be her own therapist)…..

    I love your site and am folllowing.

  103. Hey, I’m new to reading blogs and yours was the first one I went to when I searched on all good I believe it was. Nice to know there’s people out there sharing their stories like I’m trying to do. I’m not a good blogger, just can’t seem to stay with it. I like doing it though and shared my story for a while then lost interest I guess. I want to keep going with it so maybe adding you to my reading list ill have some encouragement.

    Thanks for sharing your story,

  104. Seaneen,
    I now can see you have created a wonderful data base of links with people with mentally interesting links, what a wonderful thing to have done. Good Luck and keep well.


  105. I’ve just recently found your blog, and I’m really glad I did. I have really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I’ve gone through much of your blogroll looking to discover new blogs and unfortunately many of them have not been updated in several years or are private.

    I have written several posts about mental illness including The Stigma ( ). I would be honored if you found a place in your blogroll for me.


  106. We have just followed your blog Seaneen. Looks great and we’re looking to learn some lessons from you as we start out in our blogging career. Would be great if you could follow us too – as we will be blogging much more regularly in the coming months. Mental health is an important subject for us because many people living with viral hepatitis suffer from mental health problems for many reasons, most notably as a side effect of treatment – but also due to the life circumstances of those most likely to be at risk from Hepatitis C.

    Will look forward to reading and sharing your posts in the future!

    David Barbour
    Information and Communications Officer, Hepatitis Scotland.

  107. Hopefully you or your readers will find this useful:

  108. Please add me to your blog roll. I am following your blog now. I also added your blog to one of my Pinterest boards.

  109. Hi I blog about my mental health issues, my journeys in therapy and search for spiritual and mental peace.

    Nope, haven’t found it yet.


  110. You really make it appear really easy together with your
    presentation however I in finding this matter to be really something that
    I feel I might by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely huge for me.
    I’m taking a look ahead in your subsequent put
    up, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!

  111. I blog about my PTSD, dissociative do, bipolar, adhd and other things if you could add me?

  112. I just started a blog, but I am in the process of changing some things. I am bipolar. I believe my daughter is too. I will find out soon. I have passed this on to my child and I have two more. I only have a couple of entries, like I said I am changing on it I want it to be different, Any feedback will be great. I try to be humorous to a degree. My website is

  113. I would love for you to add my blog. thank you so much!

  114. Thank you so much for this. I happened to stumble upon your blog. I am happy to know that other people out there share the same feelings and I am all about spreading the word and raising awareness. If you feel up to it please go check out my blog I have listed some things that have made me feel better. Take care – Alice!

  115. Love your blog, I’ve been following your writing for years and it never ceases to entertain and move me. πŸ™‚

    I started my own blog, if you have a moment check it out. It’s about myself and mental health, illness, and recovery.

    Here it is πŸ™‚ :

  116. I just began mine, after years of not dealing with my eating disorder and manic depression. In therapy now but know there’s a lot to wade through. This is my blog: Would be nice to join the community and interact a bit. Thanks

  117. Hi Seaneen,

    Thanks for your great blog. I have bipolar II and have been fortunately stable with my meds. I’ve written a book, The Practical Mental Health Guide, that I hope will be helpful to all your readers. It’s online on my blog at



  118. Hi!

    Thought you might be interested in my blog… Would appreciate the visibility.


  119. I’m new to this and just getting started. I’m not saying I know what I’m doing…but I decided to do it anyway. I’d love for you to add me, and I’ll def add you as well. I want to help others, and connect with others…I’m still working on my issues, but have come a long way!

  120. Hello, I’d love to have a link to my blog added, I’m working through my issues as per, but I’ve learned a lot how to manage businesses through my episodes and how to make a success of businesses that work along side depression, I thought this might be useful for at least one other person! My blog is

    Thanks you for considering me!!

  121. Please could you check me out? I’m interesting and my bipolar survival story will impress even the most seasoned of BPD warriors!


    I blog about the journey of life living with mental illness.

  123. Hi, I’d like to add my blog to your blog roll😊

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