Christmas love to you all

I’ve been a bit AWOL, apologies. Just wanted to swing by to wish everyone a nice Christmas, or at least, one that’s not too shit for you. Or if it’s just another day, then I hope it’s one of the better ones.

If 2017 has been bollocks for you, I wish you a better 2018 instead. We’re just two years from sounding like we’re living in a dystopian novel, and given the way the world is going, we may just well be.

I’ll be back writing soon – take care if you’re reading.

And if you’re struggling, this might be helpful.

7 Responses

  1. Merci beaucoup, mon amour. Why the hell I’m saying something to you in French, I have no idea. I can barely speak it at all!

    But the same back to you, doll. Thanks so much for the love you’ve always given me. Even if I’ve been totally gone from the online world for ages?

    Much love to you and the family. Have a fun Christmas! Well, time zones…not yet!


  2. Cheers to you.

  3. Bless you, I trust yours will just perfect. xx

  4. obrigada tanbem te desejo um feliz natal e um prospero ano novo 2018 que sejas muito melhor e com DEUS no coraçao



    • Greetings and Good Wishes from CA. wine country..Thats the new name these past years but we frow wonderful apples as well…just remember all of you..our experiences make us some of the most resilient people anywhere!! Hello to England as well ,from wence my people came. The world?? darkest before the DAWN 🙂

  5. Happy new year! New reader here. 🙂

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