Me and Mark – Cabin Fever Podcast for BBC Ouch

Hey! How are doing during this GLOBAL PANDEMIC?

I’m alright. You can find out more in the BBC Ouch Cabin Fever podcast with me and Mark Brown, where we talk the impact of Covid-19 on mental health, lost bras, panic attacks, zombies, interminable Zoom calls and the radical concept of kindness.

4 Responses

  1. I really liked this podcast! Especially the part about not trying to write one story that ignores the variety of people’s individual experiences. I was so pleased to hear this discussed.

    Initially I had something of a breakdown, largely due to losing all my independence (I’m disabled and can’t drive, so had less to start with), feeling like I was suddenly living in a dystopia, and issues obtaining food which caused a relapse of some trauma-related issues. And I felt like such a crap person because I couldn’t volunteer to help others but needed to just look after myself.

    But then I got used to it and it became a really helpful and restful break for me. I’m struggling more now things are starting to open up again because change is hard, and because in some ways it’s harder now.

    I feel guilty about feeling ok and better during a pandemic. It helped a lot to hear that it’s not just me.

    Also you both have such soothing and kind voices.

  2. I really liked the podcast and you made an important point that for all the observing and probing done by mental health teams, it’s possible to deteriorate very quickly the way you did. Thanks for telling your story!

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