Me and @MarkOneinFour on BBC Radio – Ouch: Disability Talk, Let’s talk about mental health … but then what?

Hello! You can listen to me and the lovely @MarkOneinFour talk mental health, Prince Harry and inappropriate dancing on the BBC Ouch podcast this week. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Wonderful stuff! This is the time for young people to speak out and what you said was brilliant! The discussion begins! The debate will carry on! One thing the Royals have done is open everything up! Great!

  2. What are your opinions Saeneen on Open Dialogue Therapy being introduced to the NHS by Nick Puttman?.

    Also what do you think of this link:

    I would be really interested to hear your opinions or anyone else’s for that matter?

  3. Hey Seaneen

    I finally got around to listening to the podcast below – was lovely to hear yours and Mark’s voices and discussing HRH Harry’s ‘coming out’ – I was really interested in your views. Its nice to know even the royals are human albeit they’re silver-spooned medicine may be a little easier to access than our own experiences – but hey, all comrades in arms, no less!

    I think I’m a few years ahead of you in terms of personal development – what I mean by that is that your boy must be a toddler now (big hugs btw!) and my one child, Cole, is now in his first year of comprehensive, so his social development and emotional wellbeing has taken more of my focus than my own now. I’ve learned to accept myself just about, and I’m now currently preparing for battle to have Cole assessed for certain behavioural issues that have surfaced over the last few years – things like possibly mild dyslexia, concentration and slow processing issues which I know held me back in my adolescent development. Overall I don’t think he’s ‘damaged’ enough for them to be bothered so I have been asking them to look at introducing mental health and emotional wellbeing in to the curriculum. Mindfulness instead of Religious Education? Mental Education as well as Physical Education?

    I do wonder how much different my life would have been and how many better choices I would have made if I had understood more about my mental health when I entered in to high school? Would I have been more able to talk about my father’s death, would I have been able to talk about how much I hated my body, would I have been able to channel my anger better – thank GOD I was too scared to try drugs otherwise I think that would definitely have been an outlet of choice – instead I have debts of ridiculous proportions and continue to work a 2 and a half employment cycle until I get sick of it and move on.

    Anyway – just thought I’d say ‘hi’ and thanks for still linking me in. Hope you and your family are well and enjoying that miracle you made and not beating yourself up for being a crap mum like I always do – we are enough, we just have to believe it!

    Keep up the great work xxx

    Much love Mags 😀


  4. Great podcast! very informative

  5. This podcast is a great way for people to have an open discussion about mental health. Very supportive and informative to people who are suffering out there!

  6. It was really great & necessary one,,,i.e. It was resourceful from energetic conversation on important topic like mental observation…Actually we need more like this podcast…

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