My Big Fat Bipolar Pregnancy 2: A Video Blog on “The Birth Plan”

…or perinatal care plan.

Whoops, this is 2 months late, I’m sorry! I didn’t want to just leave the last entry hanging, but I’ve had horrendous writers’ block on this subject for reasons I explain in my very first video blog!

I am as shattered as I look. My first go was much better but Robert walked in in his pants. This video talks through, “The birth plan” that was coming up in my last entry. So, I explain what perinatal psychiatry would like to do when the baby comes, and my feelings on that. And if the baby ever comes- I’m 40 weeks and three days now!

I hope you find it helpful, please do share if you do, there’s not a lot of talk on this about.

14 Responses

  1. So nice to see and hear you, Seaneen! Hope the little bean arrives soon so you can get some sleep. It’s such an exciting time! Can we have your mailing address? I’d like to send an outfit for bean once we know the size. All the best to you and Robert,
    (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

  2. That’s quite alright, I get the message. Only good wishes and may it happen soon. Love.

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  4. Amazing article! I am always on the lookout for new helpful insights regarding anxiety.

  5. I was diagnosed schizophrenic and in a mother and baby unit with my son when he was six months old in the Summer of 1980.

    I was married for 33 years my husband now having passed. My son is now 35 and has bi polar. I am diagnosed now with bi polar.

    I still am battling with my madness and the medication.

    Are you aware of people like Dr. David Healy, Robert Whittaker, Dr. Peter R Breggin and Dr. Loren Mosher? Also Dr. Healy’s Rxisk website?

    I have found an existential psychotherapist who supports me and who I believe in but my chances of coming off the medication are very slim due to withdrawals and what the medication is masking.

    I know that if I had had the chance to consult this therapist in my early years when I was battling with my madness then my recovery chances would have been so much improved. And therefore through my nurturing the chances of my son’s mental wellbeing and health would have been increased and vastly reduced his chances of suffering bad mental health when in his early twenties and breaking down since.

    The vice they lock onto you these social carers and psychiatrists is outrageous. I know you need support but try and find it elsewhere if you can.

    Good luck and love and hugs for your new born and you!

    Anne x

  6. Congratulations to you both, new baby is adorable! Been following on twitter but don’t tweet myself so figured I would comment here!

  7. […] Filed beneath: Mental health The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive […]

  8. […] Filed beneath: Mental health The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive […]

  9. I thought i could find supporting people here, so im posting my story if anyone wants to read it.

    Im NOT looking for funding!!! just people who cares and shares it, i feel alone and trapped.

  10. I haven’t been here for a long time, but i thought i might drop you a hint about the hat a fan sent you (for fun.) its jokingly called a “cover up” by another vlogger.
    take care.(diagnosed Bipolar15 years)

  11. first of all Bonzo doo dah brought me back here and i do not know who your fan who sent you the “cover up” is.
    As far as these “scavenger hunts” go, I’m not suppose to give it away, and you need a bit of detatched humor, and some time to waste… look for “Brizzy” on youtube.

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