The Mentalist’s guide to… putting on your make up

Back in the day, I wrote a tongue in cheek series of posts called, “The Insane Guide to…”.  They covered topics like looking like shit at a psychiatric appointment, mixed episodes and medication.

Over the past day on Facebook, a few mentally interesting folks have been making makeup tutorials, actual, useful ones like the Youtube ones, which I can’t link here as they’re on Facebook.  Did you know you can put liquid foundation on with a brush? Because I didn’t.

This is my response.  It features wine, Wagner and a lot of strong language.

(Should go without saying this is a joke and I am not a sweary alcoholic).

We’ve been talking about making more of these. Like, “How to Unmat Your Hair After 5 Days Without Brushing or Washing It” (a personal one for me since my hair naturally dreads after a day).  And some more practical ones like leg waxing, which I’ve never done, so it would be ten minutes of screaming.

Anyway, it was silly fun making this so if you have any suggestions for videos you’d like to see, let me know!

7 Responses

  1. Hee hee. I liked that when you looked down into your bag we were presented with a gigantic owl face staring out.

  2. yes today I did the having a bath and washing my hair after ONE WEEK

  3. You cracked me up! Thanks for making my day. This is a real finger in the face for all the girly girl stuff out there. You’re hilarious. I’ll be waiting for the next one! xx Nana

  4. you could be beautiful if you weren’t so fat.

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