When you find the changing seasons affect you without reason

So, not posting the thing my husband wrote as he isn’t comfortable.  It was about looking after your own mental health and his experiences with his own mental health. In a nutshell! Just pretend you read it. WordPress psychosis.

With that not being posted, HOORAY! It’s summer, sort of! HURROO, is anyone else’s sleep completely messed up?  I’m knocking out a good 3 hours a night, even with medication, and it’s starting to get to me. The medication dulls me still so I’m not hyper, just twitchy and shattered and with a face increasingly representing a pug’s.

Please bring me food and water and a blanket and some sort of large cup of something I AM TOO TIRED TO THINK

I need to go to bed right now, but I also need to eat something as I haven’t since 3pm.  I am too tired to cook, and too tired to move off this sofa, so I may have to eat the sofa. (Insert fibre in your diet AAAAAH joke here).

I don’t think the mood disordered are alone in finding that their sleep deserts them when the seasons change.  But it is a pain in the hole.

This is a bit of a pointless update.  I AM FLIPPING KNACKERED!

6 Responses

  1. Hiya

    Twitchy and shattered is a good description. My sleep has decreased to about 5 hours now but with the increase in quetiapine I’m feeling zonked??? I would’ve thought I would be sleeping more. Urgh, funny vision.

    Hope you get more sleep soon :/ will your meds be tweaked to counteract the lessening of sleep?

  2. I’m knackered and sleeping badly too – I have BPD though. Hope you sleep better soon.

  3. have a nice dreams 😛

  4. Pointless updates are sometimes the best!

  5. It is really hard to have sleeping problems. You will not be able to function properly during the day and get everything done. It affects your whole life. Hope that you find a solution for this problem.

  6. […] of pieces on the day to day realities of managing bipolar disorder – some recent examples are When you find the changing seasons affect you without reason, Saw GP today & I Smoked All of England’s Cigarettes: Mental Illness […]

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