Wow, two months since my last update!

Phew, been a long time!  I don’t have time to write at the moment but checking in.  The past two months have been an absolute clusterfuck, to put it mildly. But things are on the up now, so I will be back soon!  Hope everyone is okay. 

4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad to see you are back and commenting!

  2. Hello Seaneen,

    Welcome back to your very own Blog. I have lost an account with Yahoo and lost all of your e-mails so I also checking in with you again.
    I hope you are well and are still training to be a nurse, please update us in your own time.
    Bye for now,

  3. Hello! Just started following your blog so I haven’t really missed you. But glad your blogging again cause your previous posts have me addicted….so I guess I did miss ya

  4. […] from Being Mentally Interesting and Other Stories has just re-appeared on her blog after a long absence. Welcome […]

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