Auditory hallucinations: an audio representation

On another note, stick your headphones on and listen to this:


For any voice-hearers out there, how did you find the video?  And do you ever have positive experiences of your voices?

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  1. Glad this included random segments of adverts/radio. That’s all I ever got and always felt weird about it. Mostly it’s companies/things/shows that don’t even exist.

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    Although I began listening to this audio I had to stop pretty darn quickly as it is far too similar to my own experiences. So should you fancy an insight into what I have to deal with, have a listen to this.

  3. I get these during my worst points. They come with pictures at times, too.

  4. Gosh……that was scarily real …… and actually gave my heart that anxiety/racing/fear feeling just listening…….Im determined to listen to the end though!

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    Its very realistic…..In fact it scared me a bit because of how real it was… listening with earphones for more realistic effect…..HOWEVER if you are currently in a bad place etc….may scare you a bit, so best avoided in my opinion 🙂

  6. Seaneen, I couldn’t even listen for more than forty seconds. It sounds so terrifying and I could never cope with such an experience. I just think that the people responsible for putting this ‘auditory hallucination’ out there, may be taking the piss, just a little. Or maybe I just have no imagination and I’m thankful for that.

    Take care.

  7. Pretty accurate, though I think everyone’s experiences are so varied. This seems to be a bit of an amalgamation. Certainly from talking to people I know some people who’ve good experiences, some bad, and a lot that are mixed. “They” for example (not that they’re voices) change depending what sort of mood they’re in and what’s going on around me – sometimes it’s quite funny and fun having them around, other times they can be quite nasty and mean about stuff. I guess in a lot of ways it’s like having a relationship with a person – lots of factors influence it, I guess though V place and the HV group have shown me that’s it’s possible to change the relationship into a more positive one it’s just not that easy to work out how.

    If you really want the “full experience” though, rather than just sitting listening to it, try and go about your day with it playing, or try having a conversation with someone whilst having this on.

    • Do you find you get really withdrawn and kind of snappy when you’re trying to drown them out? I play freecell a lot to avoid focusing on some of the instructions and when people try and talk to me I get really curt because i can’t afford the distraction.

      • You’re probably better off asking the people who know me this, since as far as I’m considered I think I hide what’s going on pretty well and besides which I’m too distracted to make notes…. In reality though, I probably do. I tend to run nursery rhymes/songs though my head to avoid other stuff, and I do get annoyed with peope especially when it’s trivial stuff they’re talking about. I guess though that’s as much about listening to “them” as not listening to “them”…

  8. I’ve heard voices quite a lot but they are nothing like this. I don’t remember hearing several voices at once except when I was really psychotic & manic. The ones I still get now are emotionally neutral and really random. Often the voices don’t necessarily seem to be talking to me, it’s more like my brain has tuned into a previously unobtainable frequency and I’m psychically evesdropping.

    Can I ask you: Did you ever hallucinate in any way? And if so was it in mania, depression, mixed states or “other”.

    My doc said that I was hallucinating too much to be bipolar. He says I’m schizoaffective bipolar. All that means is I still can hear voices even without being manic or depressed… but like I say, the vast vast majority of the time they don’t bother me. When they do swear/etc it’s so bizarre eg one time my shoes said to me “fuck off” and another time somebody gave me change in a shop and the coins jingled “fuck you!” as he handed them over.

    BTW can I say to you as a trainee psyche nurse: I was reading a book “Madness Explained” by Richard Bentall and he says psychotic experiences have to be upsetting to be “morbid” but this is a sweeping generalization. You can be psychotic and feel wonderful but be badly disabled, unable to deal with the simplest things due to overwhelming confusion… or just so steeped in avolition you cannot do anything without the biggest struggle. It’s not all about pain and suffering! And knowing or being able to pay lip-service to the fact that you are mentally ill doesn’t mean you’re coping any better. I think they sometimes over-rate “insight”…. if insight were so tied up with coping then an alcoholic being able to say “I’m drunk” would somehow sober them up! I really think mental health professionals are prone to some ridiculous assumptions….

  9. I’m involved with the National Alliance on Mental Illness here in the U.S. and during our C.I.T. (Crisis Intervention Team Trainings) for police officers, we play these types of recordings for them to understand what it’s like to hear voices. But I’ve always been warned that people who really do hear voices shouldn’t listen to this because it could trigger a psychotic episode.

  10. I hear voices sometimes. They are usually voices of those in my life who have really hurt me, repeating things they have said to me in the past. It’s horrible to not be able to let these things go because you constantly hear them in your head.

    I have also had positive auditory experiences as well. I hear my dad’s voice often. He passed away several years ago, so it can be nice to hear him sometimes.

    I think the worst place to hear voices is in the shower. When it happens to me, I always throw back the shower curtain expecting to see someone. Creepy.

    I will be reblogging this on Thanks for the great link!

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  12. some of us have female voices.

    mine vary.

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