Warning May Contain Nuts in Brighton: 10th October! (that’s TOMORROW!)


Warning: May Contain Nuts in the Brighton Dome tomorrow! Hooray!

Comedy nights that give the audience both food for thought and more than enough laughs are rare, but this is one objective which Warning: May Contain Nuts certainly achieves.’ **** The Independent A taboo-busting evening of comedy, story and song featuring people who have experienced mental health issues and others who have not, yet. Compered by Brighton’s Angela Barnes, winner of BBC New Comedy Award 2011, for World Mental Health Day. Presented by arts charity Company Paradiso

Warning May Contain Nuts is a fantastic project that I was involved in two years ago.  People like John Hegley run workshops for people with mental health problems who write comedy, songs, poetry and prose.  It’s no bullshitty, guilt induced lip-service either; it’s talent, fun, creativity and balls.  I performed in it two years ago (I couldn’t this year, alas, as I’ve had the busiest few months in memory) and I had a fantastic time even though I was so nervous I felt like I was floating above the stage.

Tickets are here and if you’re in Brighton, go!


7 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the promotion Seaneen! It was a fantastic evening! Here’s hope that if there is a third performance that maybe you can be part of that one! 🙂

  2. If you didn’t see this you miss the whole point everything seen or herd was done by groups or indivals who wrote ir produced it all

  3. This is such a good idea 🙂

  4. You deleted your last post. I know you don’t like me and I don’t wish to be a stalker but if you put up paypal (I’ll get over my doubts) I can help you out a bit. I just know where you are right now. That’s all.

  5. ‘I just know where you are right now.’ I’m talking feelings not location!

  6. Seaneen, I am just concerned not to freak you out. Obviously,I don’t know any other way to help other than Paypal (which I have never used before so I’ll have to get my daughter to help me work it out!)

    You know, I’m not a millionaire but I have a few extra quid and you’re welcome. You can buy some new clothes.

    I’m not trying to own you, or make you feel bad in any way. It’s just that you make me feel like I know you and I could help a little, now and again.

    Put up the Paypal thingy and I’ll sort it. Probably tomorrow. It’s night time here.

    Take care.

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