Busy fortnight

3 days until my family arrive from Belfast and have to use a bucket to flush the toilet as it has now fecked itself.

4 days until we get married and I am a Ms (I’ve always been a Ms, I will be a Ms with an extra  surname, and a husband).  Tomorrow I’m meeting my friend David for the first time!  We have been online friends for 9 years and he’s coming from Baltimore for the wedding.  Hooray!

A room full of people we love and think are awesome. This is excellent.

6 days until we bugger off to Rome on our honeymoon!

8 days until I turn 27 in Rome!

14 days until I return to university for year 2 of my nursing degree.  (I passed year one with a first, which was incredibly difficult so I fully expect year 2 to kill me).

26 days until our party in Belfast with my Belfast people and my granny!

I am glad I have spent the summer asleep and watching shite TV.  I actually wanted to lose 3 stone, write a book and get off medication.  But it was so very neccessary after the physical and emotional exhaustion of being on placement.  But I did miss my 5am starts, oddly.  I don’t think I’ll have the same sentimental glow about them come this winter when I will still have 5am starts, but instead of bombing down the road in the bus into the sunrise, it will be groping in the dark for the alarm clock then exhorting it to go fuck itself.

A lot has changed in a year.


2 Responses

  1. Like this? I fucking love it (just hope you get your loo sorted) xx

  2. Yay wedding! And congrats on your 1st year results 🙂

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