Writing workshops in Brighton

…and part 2 of what I posted a week or so ago regarding writing workshops…


The response has been strongly in favour of meeting in the afternoon.  However the room is booked until 4pm on the first Wednesday, so for that first meeting, we will meet:
4pm till 6pm, Wed 8th August at Community Base, 113 Queens Road Brighton BN1 3XG.  We will be in room South Wing 2, reception will direct you.  
Directions:  come out of the front of Brighton Station and head south down towards the sea on Queen’s Road.  Community Base is a few hundred yards down Queen’s Road on the left.
Following that we will meet every 2 weeks, so that will be Aug 22nd, Sept 5th, Sept 19th and Oct 3rd, in the large Conference room at the top of the building, from 2 – 4pm,
On that first Wednesday we will:
* Share writing and talk about the book, due out end November 2012, ‘collected poetry, prose and performance by mentally interesting writers’ .  
* Do some writing exercises
* Talk about the upcoming performance and how we develop what happened two years ago.  Looking ahead – I’m planning to invite the comedy trainer GILL EDWARDS to run a session for us, I’ve heard she is fantastic, and we have two sessions also, I’m thinking probably the last two, October 3rd and 10th, before the performance, with the inimitable JOHN HEGLEY.
There is no obligation to perform.  I’m hoping that through our writing sessions we will find what people are comfortable with and that both the book and the performance will grow and evolve as we work together.
There is also no onus on writing or preparing comedy.  Our book will, as last time, include all kinds of writing and we would like you to develop what your chosen form is and be part of the group.  Having said that, I think the comedy sessions will be fascinating and will stretch people which I think will be a good thing.
Lastly, for those who have sent submissions many thanks, apologies for the delay, and I will respond before the 8th August.
with good wishes ,   Jon

Jon Potter, Director


enabling people to tell their stories

Charity No. 1130701

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