Want to take part in a television programme about siblings and mental health?

I’m posting this on behalf of Laura, who I can vouch for as being extremely lovely, sensitive and great.  I’m not involved in it myself but thought some of you may be interested?

Hello all, I’m researching some ideas for the BBC about young people (14-28 years) and mental health – specifically focusing on the relationship between siblings where one brother or sister has mental health problems.I’m in the very early stages at the moment and just trying to talk to as many people as possible…but I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who might be willing to talk to me about their experience either of their mental illness and how they feel this has affected their relationship with their siblings – or indeed a sibling who has a brother/sibling with a mental illness.

Some of the areas I am interested in are:

  • Siblings living together – either in the family home – or by themselves…could be that one of you is a carer …or could be that you just live together.
  • Anyone who feels they have received lots of support from their sibling – or have given lots of support.
  • Anyone who is very close to their sibling and has been very involved in the care/support/recovery of your brother or sister.
  • Anyone who feels they don’t understand their sibling or that mental illness in the family has significantly changed the family dynamic.
  • Anyone that is having/or about to have family therapy.
  • Siblings where the brother or sister is going through a big change which will change the relationship (e.g graduation, marriage, baby, moving in or out of hospital, moving in our out of the family home etc…)

If any of the above apply to you – or you just want to have a more general chat to find out more….please do get in touch.

All conversations will be confidential and you are in no way committing to anything at this stage.
Many thanks!


2 Responses

  1. ..follow me and maybe we can do a joint venture on each others ..show…. For all Bipolar friends and mental illness sufferers . I need to raise funds to put this show together….PROFESSIONALLY, your donations do not come without gifts, ..there are levels of donations and gifts for each level..this is about a 21 year struggle dealing with mental illness, from being born and brought back from the brink of suicide, it is not only his struggles, it is our struggle, through all the loop holes and the abuses this world has put in our path,and how we had to navigate through this life and come out on top..this show is the product .. http://Thedisrealityshow.com/

  2. This is a great idea. I emailed you x

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