I miss Prozacville!

Where have you gone, dude?  We have to content ourselves with your wonderful archives. 

You may recognise this image from my other website, only I have replaced, "FUCK!" with, "HELLO!" because I'm nice.

4 Responses

  1. I like your sense of humour and the graphics.

  2. You just reminded me …

    … did you ever read that famous book “Listening to Prozac” and hear all that guff going round at the time (which would have been the mid-90s) about how Prozac and similar drugs made you “better than well”…?

    Prozac gave me my first hypomanic episode! And that was a good 15 years before I ever became floridly manic (my thing crept up slowly-slowly).

    And now we hear about how dreadfully addictive these drugs actually are… I was horrified on going on Seroquel/quetiapine to read inside the box of a discontinuation syndrome even for THAT! They get out of using words like “habit-forming” “dependency” and “addiction” because a discontinuation syndrome isn’t, supposedly, accompanied by “drug-seeking behaviour”… All I can say to that is HMMMMM.


  3. Hey Seaneen.

    I guess you can’t keep a good blogger down, yada, yada.

    Still trying to “connect” with the big bad/good world, but not through drawings anymore.

    If you ever fancy reading me something you love, would be an absolute honour to record something with ya:


    Steve (formerly Prozacville etc. etc.)

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