BBC Three want to speak to young (14-28) people about mental health problems

Hello all!

This is a shout out to you all on behalf of Laura at BBC Three.  She’s at the very early stage of researching a BBC Three programme about young people and mental health.  She’s extremely lovely so if you’d like to talk to her, get in touch!  We also discussed voice-hearing as not-a-mental-illness; around 3% of the population say that they experience voice-hearing and have never come into contact with mental health services (indeed, voice hearing in itself is not a mental illness!)  So if you have experience or anything to say about that, she’d be interested to hear from you, too.

Hello all, I’m researching some ideas for the BBC about young people (14-28 years) and mental health. I’m in the very early stages at the moment and just trying to talk to as many people as possible…but some of the areas I’ve been focussing on are:
Hearing voices/signs/messages – have you experienced any of the above and if so would you be willing to talk to me about it?
People with a mental illness that are about to/have very recently come out of hospital and are actively engaging in self-recovery and independent living
People with a mental illness with a dilemma around taking their meds (e.g it dampens creativity, personality, intellect)
Any organisations or schemes that are pioneering in helping young people with their mental health
All conversations will be confidential and you are in no way committing to anything at this stage. If you would be willing to speak to me I’d be very grateful.
Many thanks!
Thanks chaps!  Please feel free to pass this on.

2 Responses

  1. Will message her.

  2. Your a Top Lady Laura, I’ll pass this to my group. Thank-you,TonyX

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