Share your sleepwalking tales!

I have written before about my sleepwalking tales.

I was reminded of it tonight as my fiance took his Work Yoghurt to his night shift, which subsequently exploded all over his bag, as I had cracked that bastard open and dug into it during the night. And, as I do, completely forgotten about it. I bet it was delicious. At least, in this case, the evidence was over his bag, and not over the bathroom where I have sleepily taken food to eat on the toilet. Daily I glare at my calorie diary and wonder, “How in the bollocks have I gained weight?” Daily I find crumbs, little traitorous things, sneaking from kitchen, to bathroom, to bedroom, to slightly damp morning face.

I find sleepwalking both quite ridiculous and quite fascinating, so share with me your tales of sleepwalking!

5 Responses

  1. I find an awful lot of crumbs in the bed but I’m fairly sure it’s never me.

  2. I used to sleepwalk, but now my.mum does. I once woke up to find her washing her pjyama bottoms in the toilet! Another time I told her I was feeling depressed and she solemnly told me to talk to a tomato! The worst I ever did was wander about talking nonsense, thankfully. Mum has been known to cook meals, have long conversations etc and remember nothing about it in the morning!

  3. I wasn’t aware of having ever sleepwalked in my life until a few weeks ago when my daughter caught me somnambulating around the house. Apparently I walked into her bedroom at 4am, turned on the light and said something about coming in to see her new duvet cover, after which I went down stairs (she followed) and shredded the card-board box from a packet of tea into neat strips and left them in a tidy pile on the kitchen surface. Then I picked up a lump of science-putty (squishy mutating tar like stuff), put it in my daughter’s favourite mug, went back to my room and carefully placed it next to my bed. All rather inexplicable really.

  4. I was always freaked out by my not-Ex-at-the-time’s stories of what I’d got up to in the night. Sometimes I have vague recollections, more often I’ll remember the dream I was having at the time, either way I’m generally scared during those times, and those times scare me afterwards – I’m terrified of what I might do, though fortunately to date, the most distressing to other people is screaming, kicking and shouting for help… (fortunately I’ve never made it out of the flat or indeed, I hope, out of the bedroom).

    Now I live alone, I lock the front door and pretend that such things never happen…

  5. um once I had a dream I was being chased by a giant spider and was flailing my arms around for a long time so my sis came down from her bed an pinded and I thought the spider had caught me and then it turned into a lollipop and I liked it but I realy liked my sis’s face

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