The Welfare Reform Bill has been passed. I am ashamed of our government and media.

I don’t have the energy to write much.  I will admit; I’m having a wobbly fortnight.  Since this article was written, I have not skipped into the sunset with a straw basket.  I still have my wobbly times. But once upon an awful time I was having a wobbly life. I do know I have come a long way. My wobbly times are few and fair between, entirely manageable, I am getting married, I am still writing, I am still passionate about mental health and not cynical. None of this would have been possible if my life had fallen to bits in a year’s time. The Welfare Reform Bill has passed and it is devastating. This was my bit about the wonderful things being able to claim benefits until I was well, accessing the support I was entitled to, did to my life. I am not alone. People in my situation- and worse-in the future are going to be deprived of the chances I have been given and it is heartbreaking and so unfair.

People up and down the country will be rubbing their hands in glee due to the entirely unwarranted belief they themselves will never be ill, disabled or unemployed, and, should they be, they’re one of the, “worthy”.  An individualistic, consumerist idealogy enforced upon us from the ’80s, that you just COULD if you WANTED, but now, “We’re all in this together”, except those who can’t.  Those who can’t don’t want to.

The smear campaign launched by the media- in particular the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and, grievously, the BBC, have been successful. Divide and Conquer.  Us and Them.  Class war has evolved from being between the bourgeoisie to the bourgeoisie directing the proles to hate the unworking underclass.  Oddly enough, concentrated in areas were industry was destroyed in the ’80s. No matter, eh!  Lazy scrounging bastards.
I am sorry and I am ashamed.

2 Responses

  1. […] Seaneen Molloy puts it simply: People up and down the country will be rubbing their hands in glee due to the entirely unwarranted […]

  2. It is heartbreaking. The US where I am is not much different. I hate the us vs. them thinking because the individual is made the “problem” when systemic failures are unaddressed or even championed.

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