My beloved is running for Mayor of London

I’m not joking.  Here’s his policies:

Help us make this happen!

Dearest Comrades.

Official nominations for the London mayor election don’t open until March, but when they do I have a week in which to deliver the completed paperwork – quite an undertaking for anything other than Boris & Ken’s well oiled election machines. I will require 330 signatories, ten from each London borough plus the City of London. We already have a database of names, but not enough yet this is where you come in. I need you to email me – – if you are a registered voter willing to back me. Please put your London borough in the email subject for ease of reference.

Let’s make me mayor!

One Response

  1. Dear Seaneen,

    Having seen your beloved’s eminently sensible broadcasts on YouTube I can only recommend Wolfgang Moneypenny for the next Mayor of London. Sadly, living in Slough, I’m not a London voter and cannot nominate him. I urge the people of London do so and vote for him in the mayoral elections. Sensible Policies For a Better Britain!

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