Wedding distress signal!

This is a plea for help!

On my complete lack of salary being a student nurse, I cannot afford a big wedding and my brain is exploding with the organising already.

A registry office is fine for the ceremony but we need help with a reception! Our only thing is that we really want a first dance and to be able to provide scraps of food for people we have forced to shuffle around a registry office in late August.

If anyone has any contacts I could use in London, or any ideas of doing this on a budget, please speak up! If any companies are reading I would be happy to tongue bathe you in blogs in return for help!

If I’m being beggarly (is that a word? It is now) it’s because we don’t want to be engaged forever and unfortunately the only thing Robert is good at organising is a fake Mayoral campaign.

Thank you!


3 Responses

  1. I’ve got a few ideas..

    Firstly – a Wetherspoons Wedding –

    At the weekend, the pubs in the city of London become available for hire – you can hire the whole thing! One of them even has a full wedding license so you could do the registry bit there too – it’s a nice pub, it’s actually one of the first places I went with my other half!

    This could be a cheap option if you book the pub, sort out some food and get everyone to pay for their own drinks at the bar. I’m sure if you talk to the manager they will help you to put something together that works for you!

    I know Wetherspoons doesn’t sound like the classiest of locations, but some of the venues in London are pretty amazing. Big victorian buildings with period features and it would be very cool to have it to yourself.

    I think they do wedding packages, but not sure how cheap they are all in – includes full meal, DJ etc, when you could keep it low key with burger and a beer after and save some money that way.

    Alternatively, a friend of mine had a lovely, personal wedding that didn’t cost a fortune. They got married in the local registry office with just closest family and friends (about 10 people), then they went out for a meal together in a local restaurant which one of their parents paid for as a wedding present.

    Instead of asking for wedding presents (because they had lived together for ages and didn’t need three toasters and a “chip n dip”), they asked everyone to contribute to the wedding in some way.

    Everyone brought cameras and took pictures – a friend who was a keen amateur took some more formal ones and did some prints for them.

    Then in the evening they hired a community centre/village hall type place for a big reception and asked everyone to bring food/drink to stock the bar and buffet. Those that were travelling could just stop and get a load of crisps and beer/wine from the supermarket and those who had more time baked things too or made salads, sandwiches etc. I baked a big batch of gingerbread heart-shaped biscuits and a bowl full of pink swirled meringues. There was SO much food – everyone could have eaten for a week. It was really lovely though.

    They got cupcakes done locally for the cake, although most people know someone that can do nice cakes these days so maybe a friend could do that for you too?

    They also borrowed a sound system off a friend and made their own playlist on a laptop to solve the DJ issue. Decorated the place themselves etc.

    Oh and they got simple ball gowns from debenhams for their dress as they wanted something they could wear again. I noticed on Hot UK Deals there were a load of dresses reduced in the Very catalogue – – No idea if they’re any good, but you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune.

    You could also buy a cheap dress or one from a charity shop, vintage market etc and get alterations done to make it something personal to you. Definitely cheaper than getting a designer dress or one handmade, but you can get something you really like that fits perfectly!

    Another wedding I went to did an “afternoon tea” reception which was lovely. They had sandwiches, homemade scones and jam and lots of lovely cakes – didn’t cost a fortune, friends and family helped with the spread and everyone was filled with delicious food! 🙂

    I also stumbled across a blog – which has some ideas. Worth a browse.

    Final idea – as you are getting married in London in Summer – you could have a really low key but fun reception (and just a close family dinner/ceremony) by heading to one of the parks for a picnic. Ask your friends to go ahead, set it up with gazebo, nice rugs etc. I know this wouldn’t be ideal if it is wet, but could still be really special. Would be great if any kids are coming as they could run around outside.

    I hope you manage to find a solution which makes you both happy. Weddings don’t need to cost a fortune to be nice. The worst wedding I went to was the one that cost an absolute fortune because her rich parents were buying everything. There was nothing personal about it – the venue was expensive but horrible – like a wedding conveyor belt and everything felt so orchestrated.

    I’d much rather go to something that is personal to the couple and fun – you’re a quirky pair, so do something a little different!

  2. Great ideas above – some of them are what I’d have said. Church halls are often cheap to hire too.

    If you want a dress, have a look at
    Oxfam’s second hand wedding dresses are amazing, along with their service – and often only one season behind the fashion! (Not that that’s important.)

    Also, I’m sure if you set up something online (PayPal, Kickstarter) your guests and online followers would “sponsor a mental health nurse in training” as your wedding present.


  3. You don’t have to have a reception or any of the unecessary things that go with getting married. I avoided the stress. Me and DH got married and had just my 2 children, one of their partners and 1 friend to act as witnesses at the ceremony at the registry office. Then we went back home for tea and wedding cake (bought from M & S). Later we went out for a curry.

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