2011- that was the year that was

2011 was a good year for me. It was the only year in my adult life where I haven’t had some sort of mental health crisis. I even got past the dreaded October. October seems to throw me into storms, unreasonable storms that appear from nowhere. But not this year. I did spend a lot of this year waiting to get really ill. Or nearly making myself so by going over the past for no real reason other than that’s what my brain tends to do! But I think I’ve kicked that, too. I’m quite excited about the future.

It wasn’t perfect. January was sent from hell, but the year improved as time went on. When I did get stressed or depressed, it was for entirely understandable reasons. It was quite a busy year! For example…

1) I was discharged from the community mental health team after 4 years

2) I came off benefits, after four years

3) I finished my course at Birkbeck, which made me feel like a Real Person again

4) I got my first job in 4 years

5) I started university

6) I got engaged to my very first love, and my very last.

7) I didn’t write a book. And my lovely agent has (quite understandably) stopped replying to my emails, so it may not happen. But, as the above testifies to, 2011 was the year of getting my life together, rather than staring at my naval. I found it incredibly painful to even try- maybe this year, if I can find another agent!

8) I’ve been quite quiet this year. Undoubtedly lost my position as one of the more vocal mental health bloggers. But I had forgotten that I actually DID STUFF. I still did write a fair amount, did some performing, did things with Rethink and got involved in activism and was on radio.

In 2012, I hope to do more writing, more work with charities, more STUFF, not fail my placements, be more sociable and get married. Hooray!

So, that was 2011. How was it for you?

5 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your engagement. Still hoping you write that book.

  2. Congratulations once again on a positive year. Won’t mention mine as well you know I know it was horrendous. But 2012 I wish very genuinely it brings everything you want and need. you deserve it .

  3. Good luck on placement, and congratulations on the engagement! You’re doing brilliantly x

  4. “I have- and I’m not proud of it- an instinctual distrust and dislike of rich people” (and cops)

    Your blog is funny – it seems like many people with bipolar have a predispostion to dry, ironic humor and incline to the writing


    “unreasonable storms” – that’s very good – in fact, good enough to steal – my appellation was “perfect storm” but your’s make more sense – the reason of unreasonableness

    my goodness – what happened to bryan ferry? he looks kind of bloated

  5. 2011is very bad year because 11..

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