Reasons Why I Am Bloody Amazing

…or at least passable.  I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, self attacking thoughts being very loud indeed and just wanting to sleep my nuts off.  Ah, winter! Hello old friend.

Anyway, I could make this privately but that means I’d end up at about 2 before starting to scribble cocks.  Also, I want you to have your turn.  Spread the early Christmas cheer, from yourself, to yourself.

Reasons Why I Am Bloody Amazing Or At Least Passable.

I am nice.  I may put my foot in my mouth an awful lot but I am not purposely unkind or malicious. I have mostly nice thoughts about people and I tend to see the good in people rather than the bad.  I am not spiteful and I find spite very ugly.

I like to make people feel comfortable.  I try to be sensitive and I like helping people.  I am compassionate.  I’m kind to animals, except for fucking cockroaches, which are not animals, but demons.

I am giving and  loving to the people I love.  I am picky about who I love, but when I love people, I love them…er, well.  That sounds incredibly pervy. I LOVE THEM HARD, OKAY?

Likewise I am ridiculously loyal.

I don’t get angry easily, and when I do I don’t stay angry for very long. (This is something I have developed over the years). I am generally quite equable when other people are angry, rather than being angry back.

I am funny.  I can turn a phrase when I feel like it.  I don’t mind making a dick out of myself.

I am quite patient these days.  I like my own company and I don’t mind pootling around.  I don’t get bored easily and I like just dandering seeing what’s what.  This is a good thing.

I’m intelligent, in an intuitive way.  I can be dense as crap but I admit to my blind spots.

I have a degree of charisma which I know not everybody has.  (Whether this is a good thing is up to debate as the confidence I supposedly exude is partly bluster, but I think this is very true of most people who seem confident on the outside).

I am quite active in my own life.  I don’t wait for things to happen, and I take a large degree of responsibility for myself.  I’m independent!  I GET SHIT DONE INNIT.

I do the things that scare me.

I am adaptable.  I’m open to and deal with change quite well.

I’m good with money.  This is a skill!

I am nowhere near as emotionally messed up as I should be given the things that have happened in my life.  Nor am I as bitter.  I am resilient. I don’t seek my self esteem from other people, and my self concept is pretty solid for the most part (this is also open to debate whether this is a good thing, given the good things tend to bounce off somewhat!)

Due to the ageing gene being missing me and my siblings, I can still pass for someone under 18.  This usually pisses me off as people tend to treat me like an imbecilic child (and deny to me my cigarettes!) but I know I’ll appreciate it in 4 years and I’m thirty and suddenly my boobs hit my toes and my faceplate falls off to reveal Predator beneath.


Despite what this list would attest to, I am not narcissistic or up my own hole!

Aaaaaaand, I can write, when I put my mind to it.

That’s all I can muster for now and by the formal language, you can see it was a bit difficult!  I am fighting the urge to write, “And here is why I am also an idiot”, starting with the fact that I am procrastinating by writing this!

Anyway, your turn.  Tell me good things about yourself!




PS I’m great in bed, I make nice coffee and I sing in a way that makes my cats sit still as though they are meditating or plotting a way out

16 Responses

  1. thank you. i stumbled across this just now, while i really, really need a reminder to think about positives.

    i have one for the list – excellent and serendipitous timing.

  2. I’m a good listener. I can listen to people chat for days and not bat an eyelash.

    • Good for you! That’s a real skill. It’s something I’m not brilliant at, and something I need to work on. I do listen but because I’m a wee bit reclusive I tend to be get a bit overexcited and start butting in!

  3. I should make a post like this. Right now I blush at any mention of anything that I could add on the list, but i’ll try. I like your things, this must have been a very difficult post and i’m proud of you for writing it and posting it!

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  6. This is a great idea for a post. I think you forgot to add that you are funny 🙂

    I’m going to do a post about this on my own blog as a therapeutic exercise.

  7. i can draw very realistic tree bark.
    i can sight read music.
    i have big eyes when i’m not wearing my glasses.

    thank you for this 🙂

    outwardly x

  8. This is such a good idea and I love your list 🙂

    …I can’t think of anything I’m going at. I guess I’m quite clever. Good at knitting. Yep.

  9. Brilliant blog. I love how you are able to see all of the positives. This is definitely the way forward to someone with manic depression.

    Keep it up!

  10. I love your post. I am friendly, and open-minded, and I try to think of ways to make the world a better place and contribute in some way or another through advocacy on behalf of people with mental illnesses or women’s rights. I have a great sense of humor, and like to laugh, even when I’m depressed. I definitely find the amusement in things, after all, there is a lot to laugh about in this screwed up world! Thanks for making me think of these good things about myself. I don’t usually spend time doing that.

  11. i am imaginative
    i am very silly and have a great sense of fun
    i am friendly
    i am compassionate
    i am creative

    :0) this feels good to do as have been feeling depressed as fuck of late

  12. Really good post, it can be so hard to write this down or even think this at times

  13. Hello from the UK and me who is in Leicester I have drank 3 bottles of wine and champagne with my wife and we feel pissed. Do I care? Now fucking don’t! Great blog and articulately I written so well done and I really enjoyed it! What am I good at?

  14. I am amazing in that I believe I have amazing morals, and that is an inarguably good feeling. Also everyone else seems to think I’m amazing so that only reinforces that idea. I love having good morals… I love it so much (Begins to cry).

  15. Reading your post was refreshing to know that u are able to boost your positives while accepting your negatives. We are alike in many ways. I have recently closed all ties to the social media world and am slowly distancing myself from those that call themselves a “friend” or “family” but secretly wish failure upon me. I have realized that I am my own best friend and best companion. I seek only the blessings, forgiveness, love, and acceptance from God. It is w God that I feel most content and at peace. When I tend to stray away, all the negativity returns and I find myself back where I started (LOST)! It is best to search who u r, was or going to be in order to know what and why u are where you are today.

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