Or to be more accurate, gender!

I check my website emails about once every 10 days.   I don’t need to check them more than that anymore because I use this blog for different shit now.

Surprisingly, more and more emails I receive are addressing me as a male.   In rather subtle ways, like, “hey dude” and, “how’s your penis?”

I am, in fact, a woman.  I thought everybody who read this blog knew that, given that my rampant femininity screams from every velveteen verb.


Im a woman! A bizarrely red-faced woman!

Though sometimes youd wonder.

(Busy day).

Anyway, that’s an intensely self obsessed blog entry right there (like the rest) but I thought I’d clear that up.  It means I cannot advise on certain things because I’m not affected by them, and I wouldn’t give advice on anything I don’t have experience or knowledge of.

And it’s a good excuse as any to link you to this lovely lovely thing:

If you had nothing to do tonight, now you do! Enjoy!

And er, yeah!  Entries like these feel like bullshit.  But I have no balls.

3 Responses

  1. you are beautiful.
    You cant see that sometimes i know.
    But you are!!!

  2. Hey ur a definate lady 🙂 U sure its not spam? I often get emails asking if id like medication for my errection problems despite having an email address that includes two girls names. some people are just idiots though 😛

  3. and the lovely thing is indeed lovely I kinda wanna pinch it 😛

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