Londoners, speak to me of any jobs

As I suspected, the job I had at my boyfriend’s place has fallen through, and so I am unemployed, can’t claim benefits and pretty much up the creek.

If you know of anything going, from writerly stuff to things you hear about that will sustain me until September, email me!  I am now desperate.   Thank you!

Ha, no job to start next week, no King’s- fuck this month, eh!  I’m great, me!

4 Responses

  1. Try NHS Professionals – although they may not take you on until you’ve started Uni. Good experience and money 🙂
    Or local care homes etc. as they often have vacancies. Good luck!

  2. I’ll follow up the proofreading I mentioned. Hope you are OK.

  3. I’m sorry the job has fallen through. Re proofreading, Masters and PhD dissertations might be another option. Whoring goods on ebay is what pays my bills.

  4. Sorry – I wish I had any ideas. Well – you could try out local care homes for kids with challenging behaviours. I did that for a while and it was great experience. Agencies are always looking for help because its the kind of job that burns you out emotionally if done too long. But to tide you over it should be okay?

    Popped by today to see if you might consider joining our weekly linky over at called Monday Madness today – It’s in support of bloggers who are involved in mental health/illness. I’d like it to grow steadily, to tackle stigma and enable awareness. Shah .X

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