Comic Relief and there is a duck outside my flat

Edit: read my previous post, people are saying interesting things!

Why is there currently a duck outside my flat?  It’s been there a while.  It scared the bollocks out of me when I heard it quack.  I like my nature where I can find it, at a safe distance in parks, not on an estate in South London.

What do I?  Not used to nature visiting like this.  Do I offer it a fag or something?  I’ve only got menthols.

Speaking of ducks, it’s Red Nose Day tomorrow!

That’s an event sponsored by Comic Relief, one of the better UK charities and whose annual with Rowan Atkinson scared me as a child.   They fund many great projects, including some of mental health charities such as Rethink. I went to their BBC Radio Three concert on Monday and galliantly- along with almost 4000 other people- broke the world record for most kazoos players in one room!  Hooray!

All proceeds of that raucousness went to Comic Relief.  If you support them, donate!  I’m partly posting this because my limit right now is a fiver, so I hope if people read this and like Comic Relief they can add a fiver, too!

There’s also twitrelief on Twitter and eBay, auctioning off celebrity twitter following and some extras.  I’m not sure whether that’s inventive and generous or cynical profile raising shit but it raises cash, so who gives a toss?  If there was an auction for kicking Nelson Mandela right in the balls that raised money, it’d be worth it.  If there was one for kicking Ricky Gervais in the balls, I’d happily donate both money and an afternoon to really dedicate myself to it.

Anyway, hooray for Comic Relief!

7 Responses

  1. Hahaha this made me laugh, thank you. I too have no money but shall match your fiver x

  2. Interesting, 2posts in 2 days are you returning to full form, feed the duck it could be lucky,we await your next blog full of information not to had elswhere.

  3. That’s QUACKers! I would suggest you DUCK and cover in case it’s in a FOWL mood. You don’t want to catch a MALLARDy from it.

    Also, be wary of the duck.

  4. Lol i had a mouthful of food and nearly choked from laughter reading the first paragraph!

  5. Ducks do sometimes deviate from their usual paths. We had one on our roof a couple of weeks back, and Amanda got me to scare it away because the quacking was freaking her out. Many years ago, one also turned up outside the window by my desk at work, right when I was being trained by another colleague to do something. It stared in at me expectantly. I think my colleague’s response was something on the lines of: “Anyway, when we’re doing a mail merge in Word, we…. is THAT A DUCK?!”

  6. When I first moved to where I am now from London, I was bewildered to be woken up by the sound of geese honking on the grass outside my window.

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