Islington council’s letter boxes are safe from my urine for now

As some of you might be interested- I got the funding to finish my course!

This is an enormous weight off my mind.  It means I don’t have to either drop out or sell a kidney.  The next time I see my social worker, I’m going to give her a Toffee Crisp.  She and the person covering her went absolutely batshit at the payments team for screwing up and they backed down.  That image in itself amuses me greatly.  The whole thing had been so incompetently handled, which seems to be a habit with personal and direct payments.  Maybe they’ll review how they process these things.

Anyway- yay!

16 Responses

  1. Pee pee. I want pee pee. Hot pee pee. Did someone say pee pee? I want pee pee now!

  2. Hooray! And well done you and your social work team, perhaps Islington deserves to be on the PIckles hit list?

  3. Well done Seaneen, I am glad they saw sense but backing down shouldn’t have been necessary as you should have been entitled, Keep well and thanks for popping by blog, saw ur comment today. x

  4. Persistence wins when taking on the system and its not what you know but who.
    I think your social worker deserves more than a toffee crisp.
    Well done and good luck. I hope you get great results from your course.

  5. Am so pleased!!! Bloody yay (raises cup of tea in a toast!) xx

  6. that’s great x

  7. excellent news!xx

  8. Well done!

  9. It’s so cool, being a council letterbox in Islington, I like attention, and litigation. (repeat to fade)

  10. Yay, that’s brilliant news! x

  11. Whoop! 😀

  12. Oh, excellent stuff. Very pleased. Great news.

  13. Yay! So happy for you 😀

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