Off-topic, “Yay!”

I’d have written this on my study blog but I’ve forgotten the email address I sign in with, whoops. I thought I’d bollocksed my essay. I got 64% last time, which was good for a first assignment.  I got 72% on my second essay!  If I got that on everything, it would be a first!

(Cut for the disinterested)

We had a list of topics to pick and had to research then write about their effect on health and wellbeing.  I picked, “Poor Housing”, was four days late with it because I read a stupid amount on it, got stressed to buggery and officially want the Harvard referencing system to be set on fire like Tory HQ.  But I got 72%!  Next up is a ten minute presentation.  I want to do mine on hearing voices, exploring the medical model and the biopsychosocial one (the view that it is a part of mental illness that should be treated with medication, the view that it is not inherently due to mental illness and does not need to be treated.  Yes, it’s mental health nursing or social care, I think, I didn’t even consider a physical health topic…) and if I do well in that, I’ll have passed the module with high marks.  I am dreading it, and we have to write up our research methods, too.  I was thinking about walking up wearing a bluetooth headset.   I shall not, of course, mention my own experience of hearing voices.  I was wary about doing something mental health related, thinking I should widen my repertoire, but I do find this so maddeningly (ahaha) interesting.

Next up: human physiology.  That will be somewhat harder for me, I think.  I am a bit of a medical spod but also quite bad at anything that has any sort of maths in it.  I’m looking forward to psychology.  I need to ask if I can apply for social work on this course, I think I can.

I think I am doing okay for someone out of study since my GCSEs.  This is the tutor I need references from for university (I won’t go into the student protests day, I have spent all days arguing with Robert and it almost came to blows) so it’s good I’m doing well in this module.

Tonight is writing night (firstly, I am going to have a celebratory bottle of Peroni) then tomorrow it’s fun and games with the BBC, City University’s thingy then class.  Busy girl.  Must try not to be too busy or else I might go weird and high and do not want to go mental and get kicked off…Getting depressed again would be bad but at least I wouldn’t act in a disruptive way. But still, bollocks to that, yay!

Actually, can’t really end this post without this:

No videos in which anyone says they won’t dismantle the arts and humanities courses and cut funding though, alas.

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  1. well done and carry on!

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