Be Gone

I’ve booked an appointment with my GP on Monday to discuss the possibility of some sort of surgery on my scars. Wish me luck! The most nerve-wracking part of will be showing my arms. I might go in with my bum out to soften the blow.

Although I have scars on my bum, too, due an over-enthusiastic dog that I met when I was ten. It became intimately acquainted with my legs and arse. It looked like this:

I should have karate kicked its face off

As a result, facked fans, I have a slightly deformed looking arse! On the plus side, I got two weeks off school AND a box of Quality Street from the lollipop lady who bopped Lassie on the head with her stick.

Magic moments are when a dog is mauling you…

Two things will possibly push me to pick up the glass and pills that will send me to sleep, though- one being that my sister and her boyfriend are coming to stay tomorrow, and two being that I have to give a presentation at college and people are having trouble following my speech and train of thought. Why can’t I just record it, then come out at the end, grasping peoples’ hands then take off in a helicopter? Eh? Bloody adult education and its low budget for obnoxious stunts.  I’d have to come back anyway, but still.  I’m going to bring my dictaphone in and record the lesson because my arse memory means I tend to leave and go, “Wait, where was I?”

So, er, that’s where I am! Hiya!

20 Responses

  1. Best of luck with everything. 🙂

  2. Helicopters are so last season. I say head for the roof, and plummet down through the skylights dressed all in black hanging by the back from a bungee cord. Or maybe dressed a nurse would be more suitable, but not the kinky version, that’d just be inappropriate. Then unhook yourself from the cord, cartwheel through the crowd, ending with a triple backflip, and then do the splits. It’d look awesome, and be totally original.


  3. Go Seaneen!

  4. Oh, and good luck with the GP xx

  5. all the very best! heartening to read you being cheerful

  6. Good luck with the GP and the presentation, hope the former is useful and the latter goes smoothly. 🙂

  7. Hope ur presentation goes well and u have a gd catch up with ur Sister & co.
    Also I notice u seem to have been mauled by Lassie, which makes it seem far worse, seeing as of all dogs ‘Lassie’ is the one I was obsessed with as a child, how awful for you. I am sorry to hear that happened to you.
    Good news about the GP visit; ur scars are as a result of illness and affect your daily life, that is the bottom line, therefore u should be eligbible for treatment the same as anyone else with scarring. Go Seaneen!
    H :o)

  8. I always suspected Lassie was an arse-biting wanker on the sly.

  9. I tried getting my prof to let me use a dictophone in classes (it’s on my learning support agreement and everything!) but he refused on the grounds that it puts students off participating. Fair point I suppose. I’m testing out how good the recording are from inside my bag.

    Good luck with the presentation! I have to do one next week, bricking it. Maybe I’ll try Lola’s skydiving thing…


  10. “Why can’t I just record it, then come out at the end, grasping peoples’ hands then take off in a helicopter? Eh? ”


  11. Best o’ luck!

  12. Best of luck Seaneen! Love the helicopter idea :-)))

  13. Hey Seaneen,

    Just wondered how you got on with the Doc? Its something I want to get sorted in the future.

    Hope the presentation went well

    x x x x

  14. I scrolled down thinking that I would see a picture of your bum.
    Good choice.

  15. I wish you luck with the doctor. I really hope they can do something for you

  16. I was finally brave and went to a GP about scars last week. I was given a referral to a dermatologist and told that the only thing that could really be done was steroid injections.

    I can’t seem to find any information online about anyone who’s had experience with this so I’m wary about setting up an appointment.

    I’m also nervous about the whole…what comments will be made and…what will he even bill it under on my insurance/will it be covered on my insurance?

    Anyway, good luck, hope your appointment went well, hopefully I’ll get up the nerve to call the dermatologist on of these days.

  17. ADult nursing is very rewarding, and you STILL get to deal with MH issues, so it would be a good choice if you want a bit of both!

  18. many cases of mania, the person may become grandiose, with a heightened sense of self-esteem. As the mania (and often sleeplessness) continues, the person may lose touch with reality and exhibit psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations (false sensory experiences) or delusions (false beliefs). At this point, most will need to go into a hospital for containment and treatment.

  19. I sympathise with the when to pick up the glass and pills dilemma! I hope the GP appointment goes well. I’m on some forums where many UK people enquire about surgery for self harm scars, it’d be useful to see what you get offered so I can can feedback.

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