I voted Lib Dem

And I wish I hadn’t. I hate this government.

And here’s a lovely piece of propaganda, from the BBC, of all people.  Saints and Scroungers.  About benefit claimants. Yep.

22 Responses

  1. so to my subsequent shame did I naively thinking that in this part of the world, voting for http://www.davidheath.co.uk/ would be the best way of keeping Gordon Brown as prime minister.

  2. Me too, I did it to try and keep the conservatives out locally and because I thought they would do a better job.
    I didn’t expect them to side with the people I disliked most…

  3. I’m another one I’m afraid. As an attempt at atonement, I’m now a paid up member of the Labour Party..

  4. 😦

  5. With todays’ announcements – surely on the start of the pain – I can’t say that I disagree with you.

  6. Whoever you vote for the government always get in.

    I know its a ridiculous idea but Im coming to the conclusion that theres much truth to it.

    The second wolrd war upset everything but a couple of generations later normal service is being restored .

    Is that chipper enough for you?

  7. I think that’s part of the 2010 problem. viz the latest regime seems to be hell bent on dismantling much of the good that was started in 1945.

  8. Oh God, tell me about it! I voted for those clowns too. The Labour Party beat the Tories by swinging right and becoming Tories, the Tories were already the Tories and the Lib Dems looked like the new left. Of course now we know the Tories are still Tories, Labour under ‘Red Ed’ (I hope he lives up to his name) are now maybe slightly left of Tory and the Lib Dems are somewhere in between (slightly slightly left of Tory). F*!< all politicians! They're one step below parrots: you can tell when they're lying – their lips move!

  9. I made the same mistake. I don’t intend to repeat that mistake next time round.

  10. I’m trying hard not to worry about it and hoping that maybe, just maybe, it’s a bunch of horseshit. After all, every time a new government takes office they have bash at claimants – it’s a sort of blooding for them, as it goes down well with the fuckwitted general public and shows they’re not afraid to beat up on poor people and the sick – as such so-called “toughness” is apparently a required qualification for government, rather than an active barrier to holding authority.

    This is the kind of fucking people the British are – the sorts of bastards that actively want to make harmless innocent and often very sick people suffer, simply because we don’t fit in and can’t get a job. It’s all a part of the general numbing conformity and authoritarianism that has taken hold over the last decade and half or so, with the concomitant lack of common humanity. We just don’t do empathy anymore, and that’s all there is to it.

  11. I could have written this myself.
    I actually really wish some Lib Dem canvassers would come round so I could shout at them!
    Every day I read the news and get angry at the way this country is going.
    I’m never voting Lib Dem again and I can only hope that everyone else feeling like this does the same and the party is completely obliterated at the next election. I actually think I’d prefer to vote Tory, at least with them you know you’re going to be screwed over!

  12. Fuck them and fuck baldy Littlewood too.

    I voted Lib Dem because I’m a student. Since the election, I’ve realised that they were never the party for me in the first place, and I’m going to a meeting at the Labour Club this week. Having said that, I believe my local Lib Dem MP’s keeping his pledge and is voting against. And he’s good on science.

  13. They all lie and they all created the problem.

    Managers will be appointed to run new checks , find waste.
    They will need a secretary who will need desk, phone, computer, photocopier. Lots of managers, lots of secretaries. It;ll be just like the 1990’s again. No more staff but lots of “cuts” because they’ll employ no more ‘hands-ion, do-actual-work, CARE people.

    They have to have managers to the people at the top don’t get whacked when someone dies.

    I was bollocked one for taking a client into the hospital Mansion House. My reply was that is he wasn’t here they would have a job. She was so far divorced from reality I don;t think believed me or cared.

    They all lie. How do we know? We can call them liars and they cannot sue because everyone knows they lie. Start blogs here. “This is not Nadine’s Blog” or similar. I don’t recall an MP ever complaining to us about what someone said. Opinions matter, tell them.

  14. I voted for them. More than that, I joined the party. I still think that joining them was a good decision – based on the principles and policies that I read before the election.

    Shame that the party that posted me that information no longer fits its own description. I’ll probably be voting Labour next time round.

    In fairness, my local Lib Dem MP is the individual whom I would most want to represent me, but next election I will have to sacrifice my respect for him to my desire to not have a man-and-pig coalition government.

  15. Me too 😦

  16. Me Three

    The worst of it isn’t just this is the first time in 15 years I’ve actually managed to vote thanks to paranoia and what an introduction.

    It’s the speed at which they have rolled over and sold out immediatly, were we that stupid for expecting to see the slightest sign of principals and realism.

    I just feel, even more than usual this really isn’t my world 😦

  17. I voted Lib Dem as well. Mainly because of Iraq/torture scandals/growing inequality/etc. I didn’t feel like I could just ignore millions of dead, displaced and immiserated people and vote Labour, even with a clothes peg on my nose.

    I knew the Tories would cut, but I also kept in mind that Alistair Darling had promised to cut deeper than Thatcher as well.

    Now . . . with the attacks on housing benefit, child benefit, and the new upper limit on how much money a single family can claim, with more cutting to come, I do feel conflicted about it.

    Mainly because my brother, sister-in-law, and their three beautiful daughters (all under the age of 3) are trying to get by on benefits. And I hate feeling like i’ve basically taken food out of my nieces’ mouths, inflicted further hardship on them, curtailed their life chances (childhood poverty is a big hindrance to ‘success’, as pretty much every study shows – even the IDS wing of the Tories admit that, although their ‘solutions’ will just make the problems worse). And I think maybe I should have just held my nose and voted Labour, who mightn’t have cut so deep so soon.

    I don’t know. But should Miliband.E remain in charge, someone who advocates a higher minimum wage and at least a degree redistribution via progressive taxation, i’ll likely vote for Labour, but with no illusions.

  18. Oh yeah, and I voted for the tossers as well. Won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

    It’s funny because they’re only doing this so they can get AV passed – but the very act of colluding with the Tories means that they are unlikely to get more votes, second preference or otherwise. To be honest, I’m unlikely to vote for an electoral system that benefits such a dishonest party.

  19. The Saints and Sinners is one of the BBCs nastier offerings,

    I had seen the nasty little skinhead gnome in one of his earlier incarnations where he took a Tv camera(probably a big help eh) into an independent retailer and demanded price reduction after price reduction,Nice work if you can get it.
    Saints and Sinners, which now seems to be worthy of an early evening slot (how much are BBC1 programmers paid?) calls some claimants saints which is moronic but presumably is a hollow attempt to provide a balance to what is the true aim of the programme-humiliating benefit cheats and intimidating others.
    Whatever these so called sinners have done they have all gone through the judicial system and should they not be left to rebuild their lives rather than suffer this additional humiliation.

  20. You can usually vote for the liberals safe in the knowledge that you wont do any harm most of your fellow voters arent stupid enough to do the same.

    I watched Clegg during PMQs and he had a look of a man that had pretended to be a statesman at the UN and pissed around in the back of the ministerial jag and he was realising the enormity of what he had done. Whats 40 pieces of silver worth at todays rates?
    And then Ed Millybum stands up like Superman and the first question he asks is why do two people on £45k get child benefit but someone on £50 dont- a Q on everyones lips back in his miltown constituency.
    Clegg for PM I say.

  21. PMQs was a bloody disaster. Miliband let the Con-Dems get away with most of their massive cuts programme and whined on about the sodding Child Benefit cap.

    Fucking politicians. All they seem to care about is other affluent rich people. No wonder the economy’s screwed.

  22. Why are Labour so brilliant all of a sudden, some people have very short memories.

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