Photos from Warning: May Contain Nuts

I said I’d post some if I found them, so there’s some excellent photos here!

(I know people always insure themselves with the pre-requisite self deprecating, “Oh, I look awful!”  In my case, I genuinely do and it’s part of the reason I was so nervous. So, er, keep the boot out!)

Anyway, have a look, they’re lovely, so they are. (Said in a Norn Irish accent).

6 Responses

  1. photo’s are indeed fabulous, you are far braver than me, so many people in the audience! I would’ve run for the hills! well done, especially considering you are poorly, get well soon x

  2. do not see any pictures here? 😦

  3. Oooh Seaneen, it looks like a wonderful night!

    You look in your element despite the discomfort of having a crowd staring at you.

  4. (duh ignore last comment, this dummy didn’t see t6he Flickr link)

  5. Hello Sean,

  6. Hello Sean, I enjoy your site and see you are looking for a chart for monitoring your moods. Please try I look forward to hearing from you on how it goes. Regards David Gosling

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