Happy birthday, Orlaigh!

C’mon everybody, please say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my favourite baby sister Orlaigh.  She’s 18 today, which should frankly be illegal as in my mind she’s still six and sleeps in the bunk above me. Now she’s a beautiful, cheeky, clever woman who posts Facebook status updates that disturb and delight me in equal measure.  I can’t threaten to deck her boyfriends anymore, nor can I tell her off for swearing. And her now being an adult when a second ago she was in nappies reminds me that we are all marching towards death.


The Fine Molloys: Michelle (28), Paula (27), Liam (20), me (25) and Orlaigh, now (18).

Stop being taller than me!

15 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Orlaigh!

    on a more random note, apparently there is a
    TV exec in USA whose had the legs chopped off
    his desk to make him look taller… Perhaps u could
    try that rather than getting other people to stop
    growing? I too am vertically challenged and am rather
    taken with the whole idea…

  2. awww 🙂 That’s a lovely picture of you all.

    Happy Birthday Orlaigh!

    I had the same feelings when my little sister turned 21 this year. It’s scary!

  3. Happy birthday, Orlaigh! (what a pretty name, too!)

    I’ve always said that I am not over-weight, I am under-tall. If I could have been six feet tall like I wanted to be, I’d be perfectly proportioned and extremely statuesque.

  4. Happy birthday Orlaigh 🙂

    The speed with which time flies frankly scares the fuck out of me at times!


  5. Happy birthday, Orlaigh! (Seems to be the thing to do)

    How do you pronounce Orlaigh? There’s an argument going on in my head that is stopping me getting any work done.

    “No, Or-lee?”
    “Sod off, it’s Or-lay!”
    “Right-o, smarty pants. Where’s the emphasis?”
    “Oh, go away.”

    I am a perfectionist so have clinical need to know. x

  6. Happy birthday Orlaigh! It’s a tough life being a dwarf, I’m only about 5’7″ with my hat off – I think the national average is 5’8″ or taller these days. On the bright side though: us vertically challenged folk get less backache…

  7. The two girls on the right are the prettiest! 😛

    Happy birthday to your sister, I wish the best. : )

  8. Happy Birthday Orlaigh!

    My baby brother turned 19 this year. Scares the fuck out of me.

  9. Happy b.day ORLAIGH…

  10. Happy birthday Orlaigh!!!!

    What a beautiful bunch of siblings…….I swear all Irish people are gorgeous 😉

    x x x x

  11. HaPpY bIrThDaY oRlAiGh!!!

    Enjoy your time with your family, S. 🙂

  12. happy birthday to you Orlaigh
    now you are an young adult… you still until you are 25 before you lose the young and are just an adult… so take this time to explore your new world and have fun

    sung to the tune of the young ones…

  13. Happy Birthday to you and I must say I love your beautiful name!

  14. Happy birthday Orlaigh x

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