Quick post: hooray!

I haven’t slept and have barely eaten, and I’m finding citalopram (mixed with caffeine, let’s be fair) somewhat activating, which has made me faintly giddy.  Which is a good state in which to receive the news that I got onto the course at Birkbeck!  Yay!  It’s just a part time access course but it’s something at least and rights the deep wrong of my lack of A-levels.  I hope I can manage, and also fund it!

Today has been the best day I’ve had in a while.  I spent the whole day out of the house and had a good day without bawling. I watched a manic rendition of mediocre Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe. I took photos for the first time in ages.  I got home to two good emails that I have good responses to, and my letter.  I always just feel better when I’m doing *something*, so I hope I can manage!

Happy birthday, Orlaigh!

C’mon everybody, please say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my favourite baby sister Orlaigh.  She’s 18 today, which should frankly be illegal as in my mind she’s still six and sleeps in the bunk above me. Now she’s a beautiful, cheeky, clever woman who posts Facebook status updates that disturb and delight me in equal measure.  I can’t threaten to deck her boyfriends anymore, nor can I tell her off for swearing. And her now being an adult when a second ago she was in nappies reminds me that we are all marching towards death.


The Fine Molloys: Michelle (28), Paula (27), Liam (20), me (25) and Orlaigh, now (18).

Stop being taller than me!

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