I suit this.

I am not an American Maverick. I am an Irish Midget.

This is the only photo of myself that I’ve liked for a long time. I think it’s settled then; I’m growing a moustache. And a giant chin.

Thanks for the comments on the previous entry- there’s a lot less of a disparity than I thought there would be, but then again, it isn’t exactly a scientific poll…

9 Responses

  1. he he. I love it 😀

    Thanks for this, cheered me up at a pretty bad time 😀 lol x

  2. Hahaha. It fits so perfectly o_O

  3. Great photo, the new look really suits you, it’s a flippin’ work of art. Makes pickled sharks and messy beds look shite. Cheered me up too – well funny.

  4. You’re a kooky chick, Seaneen! I mean that in the best way.

  5. hehe … very good xx

  6. aww I like the top half of the pic though too – you have pretty hair with those flowers xx

  7. hihi, you look pretty ;D and a bit funny.

  8. Lol 🙂 You have amazing eyes. In a totally non-creepy way…

    I once had to have a drawn-on mustache for a school play…so many people told me I suited it I started to consider keeping it. Makes me feel better these days when I can’t be arsed to bleach my top lip, anyway.

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