My wee bit at the Warning: May Contain Nuts night at Reading

Hello everybody not out on a Friday, like me!

There’s some bits missing at the end- I didn’t bother saving what I’d written but I do think I said, “Don’t forget to thank your psychiatrist, just don’t do it a week later standing outside his house”.  OOH MATRON, MY SIDES!  Then I was carried off by burly, naked men to the rousing strains of, “We Are the Champions”.

That’s me there- and yes! I am chubby and yes! I am very short, with a whited out face for CONFIDENTIALITY purposes (or by malevolently glaring lighting, or benevolent glaring lighting, depending on your perspective) performing (or reading, as it was) a bit from my Insane Guide stuff.  I was very nervous as I’d never done anything like that before.  Most of us hadn’t, I think we were all rather good considering!  The only act I didn’t really like was the compere, as it basically revolved around antipsychiatry and telling people they were wrong for ever taking medication.  The idea that mental illness is a social construction is a valid and worthy one, but lots of people there relied on medication to keep them functioning enough to roll their eyes at him.   I was petrified though as the idea of a whole room full of people staring at me scared the shit out of me, and I wasn’t aware I was being filmed either, which would have made me throw myself onto the assembled spikes in the front row (not pictured).  I wasn’t feeling too good that day! I’ve only just managed to allow people to take photos of me and even then it’s on the proviso that I don’t have to look at them.  That also means I read my own BBC Ouch articles on my mobile browser with the images turned off.

Anyway!  I had written a sizeable proportion of it on the day and also made a lot of shit up as I stood there (y’know what, I wasn’t aware it was mostly a comedy night until I got there, which goes to show just how organised I am.  I was supposed to do two bits, but bottled out of one for that reason) so thanks to the chaps there for being kind and helpful to me, and also to the Independent for being kind to me.  And my tights for not falling down, as I’d snapped the fecking elastic and was battling to keep them on my arse.

Anyway, yes, there you go, then!  I’m proud of myself for doing it and being a part of the evening, and once I got past the fear of defecation, I really enjoyed it.  Thank you to Danny for uploading it, and here are more videos from the night, such as the Mad Hatter himself here:

I hope he uploads the John Hegley things and Amy’s Ghost, both who were amazing.

PS:  Vote for Mark Brown as Mind Champion! Or not, if you prefer to vote for someone else.  BUT VOTE FOR MARK! HE IS LOVELY!

22 Responses

  1. Oooh, this is excellent – I want to pick out a best bit, but I don’t think I can. I like the ‘look like shit’ tip quite a lot though!

    I know you perhaps won’t believe me but I don’t think you look ‘chubby’ in the video. At all.

    Anyway, I can see why ‘Warning: May Contain Nuts’ got a lovely, positive review. What a great thing to be part of.


  2. Again, congratulations on having done this. And without even a lectern..! I can barely keep it together while talking to the person behind the counter at the convenience store. Between your appearance at “Nuts”, the blog, the play and the Ouch column you’re putting together a fantastic resume for when you’re ready…

  3. You were very good Seaneen! Actually made me smile (which depressed people are, of course, not allowed to do)!
    I enjoyed your Insane Guide series of posts, and you enhanced it perfectly in your performance.
    Also, you don’t look chubby in the video!

  4. Yayyy Seaneen! Well done you and very good advice :3 X

  5. Brava!!!

  6. Brilliant – made me smile on a horrible day! Thank you!

    and….if you’re chubby, then I would be morbidly obese, and I’m not. (Except once, in a really wierd dream generated by withdrawal!)

    Take care.

  7. from the

    Adj. 1. chubby – sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure;

    ok – maybe chubby is not so bad?

  8. re my earlier post:

    weird – I can spell, reelly!!

  9. hehe, Brilliant! Well done Chick! Loved the reference to “silence of the Lambs”

    x x x x

  10. Chubby? WTF? I could deep fry you and eat you and you wouldn’t even be a snack. ;P

  11. I was really disappointed not to see your video – I got the message:
    An error occurred – please try again later.
    I’ve tried several times – same result. Do you have any idea what’s wrong? Or can I see it on another site? You Tube?
    Keep up the good work!

  12. Your stage prescene is admirable really. Incredibly brave of you to go on infront of all those people, and it was very amusing. Well done!

    And Christina, here’s the URL to it on Youtube:

  13. Aww. You were fantastic. Definitely a natural – a career in standup beckons?

    Seeing as we can’t see your face, can I say you have nice legs? :p You’re not chubby either.

    I love the mention of the hallelujah chorus too. At Christmas I ended up singing it with choir, 4 times in a day (we did 3 concerts plus rehearsal) despite never doing it before, but I have developed a love for it. It’s great fun to sing.

  14. You’ve got great casual comic timing. (And the whole Irish thing adds to the charm for those of us less geographically privileged.) I hope you get the chance to do that more – a lot of your material could easily be adapted into a stage monologue.

  15. This is my first visit to your blog – After both laughing hysterically and vehemently agreeing with you in that video, you’re definitely becoming a regular! After two and a half years of appointments, meds and talking, I was finally diagnosed as Bipolar yesterday. I’m hoping reading this will take the edge off a little…

    Many thanks

  16. I think you’re a natural!

  17. The compere is a friend of mine with whom I have long standing disagreements. I was annoyed that he criticised my argument after I had been on without giving me a chance to reply when I had put my argument without criticising his. I think I would have prefered to have both of us on stage at the same time arguing in improvised rhyming couplets, but that would have given me an unfair advantage since he is a writer whereas I have no need for paper. Maybe we could arrange that another time and see if I wipe the floor with him or if I am over estimating my own ability.

  18. On the night I felt warmly towards Mackenzie Taylor, but having thought about what he said I now think he’s a selfish hippocrite. From what he said he thinks it’s fine for him to have sex with someone who’s going out with someone else, but out of order for his ex girlfriend to have a relationship with someone he knows when neither of them is being unfaithful to anyone. If he had had any honour he would have attempted suicide by himself at home instead of going to someone else’s gig and making it their problem. But then, I have my problems not his, so I may well be misunderstanding him. Also, if anyone else can see something wrong with what I have said, tell me about it.

  19. Thanks for the video Seaneen 🙂

    I’ll probably always remember my first psychiatric appointment, bumbling around on the internet, nervously awaiting the day as if it were a trail and I’d be standing before the judge, looking for info to prepare myself a bit, things to mention that might normally seem insignificant to me at the time, and then finding the guide posted on your blog!

    It’s great to hear it from you, instead of just seeing it in text. It sounded like the crowd enjoyed it as much as I!

    Hope you’re well!


  20. the Slow And Municiple Union for the Representation and Advancement of Interesting thinkers

    Danny Sage – Samurai,
    Defender of justice and the mentalist way.

  21. lol your so fecking cute! That voice of your (accent) is too sweet and your a flaming tiny pixie of a thing! Chubby my arse! X x

  22. voice of yours”

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