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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a, “Something for the Weekend” post, so here are some lovely things to watch in case it pisses down over the days.

Derren  Brown on 4od is always good value for…well, free things.


The BBC are running a lot of things about mentalism right now, such as Sectioned on BBC 4:


…a documentary following people who have been sectioned.

Also, I hope I’m not the only one who is completely obsessed with Scrubs.


Not the most recent series, they’re awful, but Scrubs is like my comfort blanket.  I want to say I’m cooler than that and my comfort blanket is the entire works of Evelyn Waugh, but no, it’s Scrubs…

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  1. There was a programme on More4 on Tuesday – A Bipolar Expedition. Stumbled on it today on 4OD when I should have been revising. It was fascinating, but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. At times it felt more like a “point and laugh at the outrageous mentalist” programme than one that was actually concerned about the health of its subject. Might have to watch it again just to make sure.

  2. I think it’s important to keep record of your moods, bad or good. In my case, uplifted moods tend not to last more than a few hours or if I’m lucky, a couple of days. So i’m careful but I have found a benefit from noting when I’m having them.

  3. just watched sectioned. thanks for pointing it out- my Trust and I know two of those people from admissions. Crappy nurses and drs tryin to act all helpful. hmmm

  4. Im glad im not the only one who uses Scrubs as a comfort blanket… Its one of those shows i can always watch, no matter what.

  5. I know he’s gay so would never be interested in me (not that he would even if he were straight), but is Derren Brown the sexiest man alive? (Or does he just want me to think that?0

    My psychologist, C, used to look like Brown when he (C) had a goatee. Very pleasing. A shame that it is no more.

    I haven’t seen to Sectioned as yet – although I fully intend to – but I heard your interview on Radio Berkshire the other day and thought you were quite typically class 🙂

    (And my hair is pink now!) xxx

  6. Stop deleting your posts! It’s really lame. As I said once before, you won’t be able to delete chapters of your book once it’s published.

  7. 1. You are not the only one obsessed with Scrubs. Love it. Love the sniggering it brings out in me.

    2. On the subject of sniggering, nobody would snigger at you if your mood suddenly crashed. We have far too much respect for you to ever do that.

  8. Watching sectioned just now, good but so sad, think I’ll need to watch something cheerful afterwards. I think it makes it even more sad to watch when I’ve met people who’ve been very ill when I’ve been in hospital 😦

    Hope you have a nice weekend Seaneen

    x x x x

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