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I asked my social worker where the psychiatrist got it from that I had unstable relationships.  He apparently listened to my play.


Two whole universes away from reality there…

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  1. WTF? Forgive me if this is out of line, but did he get his degree from a cereal packet?! What an idiot..

    G xx

  2. He apparently listened to my play

    And from that he diagnosed BPD? Good grief or, less politely, WTF? You need to change consultants. It’s not as hard as it looks. I managed it. An advocate would be useful too.

  3. I don’t think I’m as nice as the above people. Here, there is the College of Physicians and Surgeons. What I would do if I were you is to find the equivalent organization where you live and submit an official complaint. Incompetence like that *needs* to be punished.

  4. That’s NOT right! :O 😦 He should be listening to YOU, and not coming up with his own ideas and assumptions! Agree with Crispy Grey Matter and Louise – advocate, official complaint and a change of doc will be good :). xx

  5. I concur with WTF. Your play (I liked very much btw) was under an hour long. I’m sure there are people with a more in depth knowledge of your life than that, who wouldn’t say your relationships are unstable, and a consultant should be getting a clearer picture from the horse’s mouth, not the horse’s radio programme. And I know you were being truthful, but it was fictionalised, a piece of drama. Where would we be if all artists were given diagnoses?
    Sorry, I don’t mean you’re a horse.

  6. What a dick.

  7. O_O ???? Yep I agree with the above comments, I would look into advocacy and help in changing your psych.

    BTW I can’t rememeber if you mentioned this but what’s your social workers take on all of this?

    x x x x

  8. wtf?! so i suppose they also think bret easton ellis is a psychopath and dan brown is a crap historian then? ok, so they’d be half right on the latter, but that’s not the point – it was FICTION!!!! jesus, this makes me even more worried for the state of our MH services.

  9. ps – yes i realise a lot of the play was based on experience but they really should be able to tell the difference between a play and your life.

  10. What the hell. What the hell.

    Also, what the hell?

    I agree with everyone else – it would be a really good idea to change your psych and maybe put in an official complaint, if you felt able to handle that. If he can diagnose you from a play, he could diagnose somebody else from the colour of their shoes or something equally unprofessional :p


    • My ex GP read out a letter from my psychiatrist to him and she commented on the fact i was wearing a hat. We were both unsure what clinical significance this was,

  11. Easiest response ever Seaneen. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Love Z xxx

  12. The level of incompetence displayed by your psychiatrist astounds me.

    I agree with the others- change psychiatrist and put in a formal complaint.

    Just a note- he said he’d diagnosed you a couple of years ago, but your play only came out last year? How does that work?

  13. That would be the play which describes you as being in a stable relationship throughout?

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  15. Should he have read your blog instead?

  16. **bangs head on keyboard** No…just…no. I agree with Louise, you need to get shot of this muppet.

  17. (n)ed on changing your shrink ASAP, the man is clearly talking out of his arse.

    That said, I’d love to see what diagnosis my shrink would come to based on, say, my slash fanfiction.

  18. WTF. what a bloody idiot ! GMC I THINK

  19. He diagnosed you based on your play? This man is an incompetent moron. Anything he says is liable to be utter bollox.

  20. Wait, what?

    Moron. (Him, not you.)

    That’s not medicine he’s practicing… it’s incompetence. He seems to be very good at it.

  21. A psychiatrist that can’t seperate artistic and dramatic license from reality? Sounds like he needs some retraining ! On a slightly related note it appears that my previous ranting reply to the news of your new diagnosis (where I’d mistakenly believed that he’d based his conclusions on your blog) could have possesed some insight after all ! Lol!

  22. He’s an utter and complete tit. I think we all agree.

    My psych sees me in a geriatric hospital (for some unknown reason). I’m pretty sure, from the way she speaks and peers at) that she thinks I’m an old senile dear too, JUST because the area I live in means I have to go to a OAP unit.

    Some of them have their heads up their arses – yes multiple heads and multiple arse holes – they are NOT human (bar a scant few.. which I have not found… but I’ve never seen a unicorn and I’d LIKE THEM to exist).

    Dump him.

    And take care =-) xx

  23. I remember an acquaintance of mine who had a BPD diagnosis (partly) on the basis of relationship instability- throughout her teens she’d had 3, count them 3 romantic relationships, and a broken engagement. None of which sounds that outlandish to me.

    Her new psych team actually revised her diagnosis though, because they’re not complete fucking tools and they were able to recognise normal behaviour when they saw it.

  24. That is unbelievable. Could you go to the press? Maybe contact one of those magazines you like? “My psychiatrist based his diagnosis on a fictionalised account of my life”.

    What an actual moron.

    • He didn’t and I’m thinking of deleting this entry. I don’t believe he did base it on that (I seriously, seriously hope not!), and he thought I had BPD before the play was broadcast, apparently. I was just shocked and very amused by asking the question and getting that answer! I am, of course, wondering why I got that answer, and if the play somehow cemented his view of me. Either way, it’s weird, because, the play was, as you said, fictionalised, and based on selective entries on an online blog…

      • This is just my humble opinion but I think you should leave this post intact. The characters in the play are just representations of yourself and your boyfriend etc. Your blog itself is a representation of your experiences. In order to make it witty and entertaining some artistic license will be involved i am sure. There will be things that you may not want to include in your posts as you simply don’t want or have to. What I’m trying to say in my rambling way is that the play is a good two or three steps removed from the reality of your experiences. I’m sure, once dramatised anyones relationships would seem unstable. And it seems unfair for your doctor to have included it somehow in his diagnostic process.

        Anyway whatever you choose to do I think it’s a good sign that your posts have become more frequent and you are battling the low moods head on! Good luck! 🙂

  25. Facepalm

    I can’t think of anything constructive to say about that.

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