Big old pile of toss

I feel like shite today. How are you?

17 Responses

  1. I suppose feeling shite is not so bad – beats the hell out of pissed, drugged, angry …

  2. Yesterday i could jumped off a cliff! However today i feel realy great and positive about my life, WTF are mood swings all about hey?

  3. I’m okay. Just recovering from a bout of ‘man flu’ (relax, I don’t think a pig was involved), watching Adam West gloriously overact on an old episode of Murder She Wrote.

    Sorry to hear you’re down, Seaneen. Hope you’re feeling a bit better soon.

  4. I’m alright, had a terrible stressy, tiring day but that’s no reason to be down. :)!

    Work’s work, home time soon. I leave all the crap behind and go home for some quality food and alcohol.

    Cheer up Seaneen. 🙂

  5. Sad, tearful and lonely.

    Feel better soon Seaneen x x x x

  6. Hungover without any alcohol involved.

  7. Bored and empty. Nothing new for me.

  8. Hey Seaneen. yep, I know I’m a day late to respond, sorry. But that is me at various insignificant times, trying to get my head around this crap in me head and then spending way way too much time on the Net.. when I know that I should be drawing.
    Enough rambling: Yesterday, the day you asked the question, I felt shit. empty. souless. And had a stupid headache (again).

    Take care. always

  9. Sick with the frigging flu. An entire week now and it’s still not getting much better. So I feel like garbage tonight and keep hoping to get over this soon. In the meantime, tons of hot tea and sleep (with the only drawback being that all the tea makes me have to get up to pee constantly. At least that’s strangely amusing somehow).

  10. A bit non-nonplussed at how staring at a raisin for several minutes in a room with ten other grown adults, can be described as therapy.

    • Ah! You assumed that the therapy was for the humans. Typical human mistake – we take ourselves way to seriously. The only thing that got any benefit from the session was the raisin.

  11. Its a dull wet day to be sure.
    But the genius that is Larry David returns to More4 tonight with a 7th series of Curb Your Enthusiasm..
    Very clever, very funny.

  12. haha re A Nutt’s comment.

    I’m feeling tired and a little bit useless, otherwise just peachy.

    Hope you feel better now,

    Louise x

  13. worthless

  14. There’s a saying attributed to La Rochefoucauld: “Each of us has just enough strength to endure the misfortunes of others.”

    I’m doing a little better than that.
    Keep fighting the good fight.

  15. Hey I feel pretty good! Feel free to hit me.

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