And relax.

Right, now I need to sleep for the next few days!  I’ve been barely sleeping through this exhausting week because I had been sneakily not taking my medication to get myself through it.  As usual, my body’s decided to strike me with The Plague to remind me so I’ll be under a duvet- emerging only to graze upon cornflakes-until the exotic shade of purple on my legs subsides.  (And for my flatwarming, which I’ll sleepwalk through).

Thank you to everyone who listened and took the time to comment, email and cajole yesterday.  I’ll  be able to respond when I’ve had a bit of rest.  Sorry for being rubbish!

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend! Here’s something for you- and how I wish I could walk into a room and find these people in it…  Even though Peter Cook just stands there and is still somehow funnier than anybody else.

And I love Stephen Fry for many things, but for this most of all, I think.

Lucky old heaven, indeed. 

Oh, and I want to headbutt everyone at Islington council.

7 Responses

  1. Just listened & it did make me laugh & cry (sometimes at the same time).

    Bit strange to have such a vivid idea of you in my head & then listen to someone else’s interpretation, neither of which is the real you of course (I’m not going to even try and examine what that means).

    Just wanted to say thanks again for putting a human face on this illness & helping me begin to understand (if still not completely accept) my diagnosis.

  2. Good night
    Sleep tight
    Don’t let the bedbugs bite x

  3. be careful!

  4. Just found this blog, great great blog Seaneen! You’re an amazing writer and can put words on absolutely everything. I suffer from depression and am also from Northern Ireland, but County Tyrone, not Belfast. Hope you get a few good days sleep, and I’m looking forward to the next post.

  5. Take care and sleep well.
    You are a shining light for us mentally interesting people.

  6. Hope you sleep well and have a good rest. Hannah X

  7. I think you should review movies and television shows as part of what you write about here. I think your perspective would be useful.

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