Please assist me in my egomania

Hello lovely readers, why, you’re looking smashing today!  Is that a new blouse?  Your eyes are sparkling!  Are you taking a new antipsychotic? It suits you!

Can you do me a favour?  I completely forgot to buy the Radio Times and all the Sunday papers with the radio listings in them.  Could any of you who bought them (The Observer et al) pretty please take a photo/scan/post any mentions of the radio play to me?  I’d like to keep them for posterity, since the chances are I shall never be the subject of a play on my beloved Radio 4 again (unless I fulfil my life’s ambition and become a sniper).  As it stands, I have nothing!

It’s one of the Stages radio choices for this week, which is lovely.  Anybody enjoying it really reflects on Louise rather than me, but it’s still nice!

Many thanks and sexy winks to anybody who can help me.

I’m going to finally listen to it tonight.

Also many apologies for these kinds of posts- I do have something vaguely worthwhile to post but I also have racing thoughts so need an icepick in order to pin down a thought…

11 Responses

  1. If I’m home sick tomorrow I’ll scan and upload both the Times and the Observer for you.

  2. Hey Seaneen,

    Is there any way we can hear it over here in the US? I’m dying to hear it!


  3. Seaneen, I hope you don’t mind me answering this. But, I thought I’d point out that many (if not all) of Afternoon Play’s, well, plays, are available on there website for a while (one week?) after it airs. So, this should be there as well. Here’s t he like to the programmes home:

    I also believe that you can listen to it live. Link off that same page.

    Looking forward to this play myself. And have *very* happy that BBC’s iPlayer works on a Mac.

  4. Long time reader, first time poster 😉

    Definitely looking forward to this, I’ll send my grandpa a text in the morning and see if he’s still got his stash of the sunday papers, he usually keeps them for a few days, so hopefully he wont have done his recycling yet and i’ll be able to get a few pictures.

    Teaching him to text may just come in handy!

    Take care


  5. I’ve been reading for some time but this is the first time that I have made a comment. I am really looking forward to listening to this, especially after reading your post about the recording of the play.

    Unfortunately I can’t help with any of the ‘cuttings’ but I don’t think that you are suffering from egomania over this; I think that it is completely normal to want to collect as much as possible about something as important as this.

    Well done Seaneen, and I hope that it gets a really big audience and lots of great reviews.

  6. erk, didn’t buy the Sundays this week – got the Radio Times tho so will get aged scanner out and send it to you. (Image, not scanner, wouldn’t inflict that heap of antediluvian diodes on anyone) I’m so excited about this for you. I hope your listening goes well 🙂 You’re a great writer, let’s hope this is the beginning of something big for you! x

  7. I read your blog often but don’t comment as I rarely have anything useful to say but for once I do! I have the tv guide from the Saturday Telegraph and you’re in their radio pick of the day. Do you want a scan or would you prefer me to post the actual paper? Let me know.

    Take care.

  8. I have The Guardian Guide which comes out Saturday but the play doesn’t get anything beyond a listing with the title.

    Not much help, I know… but I thought if you’re aiming for completeness it might be somewhat helpful to know things where you don’t get a mention (although curse them for their terrible oversight, obviously).

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