Oh bugger

I’m doing a BBC Ouch podcast this morning. I haven’t slept,  I’ve run out of medications and have a cold- so, I will be a rapidly speaking sniffing woman talking about bipolar disorder and will, let’s face it, sound like a fecking coke fiend. But if I’d slept late on medications (at 10am, that’s “early” for me, it takes at least two hours for my fog to clear), I would have been slurring so therefore would have sounded like an alcoholic. Rock! Hard place!


Edit:  It went okay, I just rambled and fidgeted.  I have no idea how to talk about this blog at all so I kind of…. trail off.  Still, fun.

I am bladdy exhausted.

And apologies that I am still mostly absentee, I am still attempting to extract my head from my arse.

2 Responses

  1. It’s a condition I can identify with but I don’t think I can recall witnessing it in anyone else.
    What do they expect if they take regular contributions from someone with a mood disorder?

  2. gah! i got flummoxed by the Tube strike and forgot to ring. I am truly the worst boyfriend ever and should be shot.

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