£25 for three nights sleep

Today I got a little bit of a taste what it would be like to live without the NHS.

My surgery isn’t open, and I’ve run out of medication.   I don’t sleep at all without it, so Rob went to the chemists to ask what could be done.  They said they could give me enough for three days, but that I’d have to pay for it.  Assuming it was the price of a prescription, I traipsed to the chemists armed with seven quid.

It was actually the price of medication, and a three day supply of my dose (450mg) of Quetiapine costs over £25.  £25 for three days.  I have been swallowing gold for two years.  No wonder I still feel like shit.

Clearly, I couldn’t afford this so settled for half the dose.   I might not sleep anyway but I’ll have more change in my pockets.  I could have left with nothing but three days without any medication at all would send me loopy, it doesn’t only help me sleep.

How do you people manage?  I don’t know the ins and outs of health insurance but I am assuming that some people have to pay for their medications out of their own pockets.

Has anybody got a link or information as to how much, say, a month’s supply of the generic version of psychiatric medications cost?   There’s some information on this site but aside from that, not much.  How much do you pay?

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