Life is TAKING THE PISS right now.  I think my Jeremy Beadle god is up there rolling the film, tittering, “How much more can she take?  Let’s see!” then hurling shit in my direction. 

You know those rampaging madmen who end up huddled in the corner of a clocktower, picking off people one by one with a sniper rifle?  That’s going to be me one day.   I’m going to be one of those women on, “SNAPPED!”  You’ll remember me by a frozen photo back in the good old days.  Then a voice will echo, “But she seemed so nice, so nice, so nice….”

I am emotionally, mentally and financially done.   I’m trying to be “chipper” and keep both my cool and my humour.  I’m hard as hell but I am really struggling right now.

I might be making mountains out of dunghills but I need a fucking break (and a rant, clearly).

What say you? Comment here!

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