Remember to Live

Anyway, as an antidote to the previous post’s misery (it’s relentless these days)…

I’m not angling to lower the tone of this blog with titillation, but here is a photo of my “Memento Vivere” tattoo taken a while back. It means, “Remember to Live”.

My two older sisters and I had them done in memory of our dad in 2006. Michelle’s is on her hip, Paula’s is on her wrist.

It was truly pain for love as I had agonising sunburn on my back at the time. I clenched my fists so hard that I almost whittled my fingers down to bones. I had it down in Kessingland, Suffolk, for £20. The guy’s name was Bruce, and oddly enough, the guy who did Paula’s tattoo in Belfast was also called Bruce!

Anyway, I am posting this as sometimes the message bears repeating.

And I am not, in fact, naked.

(My dad used to Google me at work. He would have kicked my ass for this post).

11 Responses

  1. What a great tattoo and a great message. I need one. Only mind would say Siempre Viva or just Viva!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tattoo, sweetie.
    I have five of them (plus four piercings), and one is about ‘keep going / moving one’ as well. It sits on my right wrist.
    Too bad I never get enough money to do more and more… I’m totally addicted.

  3. Glad you’ve put the old banner back!
    These eyes are just ….amazing!

  4. Yep, good to see the old banner back.

    Luscious locks you got going on, lady!

    I like the handwritteny as opposed to printy way he did your tattoo.

    Oh, and sorted over at mine, by the way.

  5. That’s YOUR handwriting? It’s pretty cool. Your sisters have your handwriting on too, or did each one write their own tattoos?

  6. “Live your dreams, don’t dream your life”, not sure if that is the right translation though…
    (” Vis tes reves, ne reve pas ta vie”)

  7. Have you heard of Internet Trolling? It is a way to agitate the other person to bring him or her to an argument. That is exactly I did and you responded well. Everyone has their own perspectives and views, I expressed my own. Just try to be a person with mental illness in India, there is nothing worse than that. You will be never employed anywhere, you don’t get medicines free, you don’t get family support and there are no Community Psychiatric Nurses or whatever you call them, there is no compassion to these people, they are just branded mad and no matter they are schizophrenic or bipolar or all that fancy names you give to every little sign of instability. Come on, everyone is not lucky as you to live in a place, where anyone can start advocacy groups and fight a stigma. The right way to encounter it is to proclaim that you are I am so and so and give a damn. Just try to understand one thing, the people who have bipolar in India are the most misunderstood people, who exhibit a lot of normalcy and signs of madness, people think that we are faking it. Hey, hey this is not the end of the world.

  8. I understand it is hard. It is no reason, though, to try and make somebody else feel bad.

  9. I really apologized for that. But, I stick on to some perspectives of mine, as you do to yours. When it comes to a public forum you will have to face all these adversities . Hey, everyone has their views and view points..

    Listen to this song

    Have a great time and keep writing.

  10. I like you sharing perspective, but you don’t need to be aggressive about it, nor do you need to put other people down in order to do it.

    And there’s no way you’re getting me listening to Celine Dion sorry!

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