Ignore the post that was here- I feel so, so unwell today and would probably just make a video of me vomiting and mumbling. Another time!

What I did want to say, which I don’t say enough, is thank you for your comments and e-mails. It means that I keep writing this blog, and I probably wouldn’t otherwise. This is a good thing! I’m sorry I sometimes (well, often) don’t respond- I’m just pathologically scatty and forgetful. I do read all my comments, and they get e-mailed to me into a special folder, so I re-read them. I also read all my e-mails but again, I’m terribly forgetful. The best thing you can do is you want a proper response out of me is to ask for one so I can flag it up.

It’s just not blogging that bears the brunt of my forgetfulness- in my personal life I’m also terribly forgetful and renowned for forgetting to respond to texts, e-mails, phone messages…so bear with me. I am going to try and respond to things more often, because I guess it’s quite rude that I don’t! Sometimes I just don’t get involved because I like sitting back and watching people talk to each other.

But thank you for reading, and for your comments. I really appreciate it and especially appreciate you taking the time to comment, since I am one of those people who studiously read blogs but rarely comments.

*tips hat*

P.S: Added some new links to the blogroll. If you’d like to be linked, or have linked me and I haven’t reciprocated, let me know.

EDIT EDIT! I seem to have fucked up. Er- if you’ve disappeared, please let me know! I have deleted stuff that I didn’t mean to by clicking wrong boxes!

15 Responses

  1. I can’t think of anything to ask right now, but looking forward to seeing ya on the videos 🙂
    Maybe recite your favourite poem or piece of lyric for us, and say why it’s special to you?

  2. I think your blog is fantastic. And you’re a talented writer.

  3. I don’t always comment, but I now read religiously..

    Reading your thoughts, I’ve been inspired to start writing myself about how I’m dealing with things and how I’m feeling. I’m not yet blogging about it, but maybe I will…

    Just wanted to also say – I like the new banner.. its a little more work-friendly too!

  4. thanks for writing this! It’s a brilliant website.

  5. I too dont comment that much but allways read. Yours was the first mental health blog and from reading so many and being interested i am attempting to blog too about my experiences with the uk mental health system

  6. BTW I forgot: my blog – I’m actionreplay on livejournal. A mixture of public (mostly recent, mental health-oriented articles), and friends-only (over 4 years of random life stuff).

    I’m planning to add more about my various adventures in the mental health system for the past 10 years over time.

    A direct link is

    It’s nowhere near as good as yours.

    Adding to my to-do list: blogroll on my LJ…

  7. Thank YOU for writing!

  8. I don’t comment much either, but I always read your blog – it’s much more interesting than mine.

    Glad to see your eyes are back on the banner, I really like that pic (God, how creepy does that make me sound! It made far more sense in my head…)

  9. Dear Seaneen, I have linked to your blog and would love you to reciprocate. I was recently manic and hope I didn’t offend you by off the wall comments, but I am fine now (and usually). Yours is my number one favourite bipolar blog. It’s genius, you are an inspiration by anyone’s standards.

  10. Oops missed out the address.

  11. I like your eyes, too!

  12. I’ve only recently stumbled across your blog and its quickly become a favourite. So since I haven’t commented yet really I should be saying thank you!
    I have two good friends of mine that suffer from bipolar and your blog has really given me a big insight and helped me understand so much than I could have hoped for. No really. So again thanks! 🙂

  13. im one of those people too, i read blogs religiously but rarely comment.
    also i love watching people talking and doing things and thinking about about how differently i would do things to them or how i would responed.
    i have to tell you i love reading your blog its so interesting and such a vast diffence to anything else i read and im always fasinated how you can write so much.

  14. Oh, please keep on writing. I rarely comment or say anything, especially if I’m having my dose of depression and really can’t articulate much, but I always read. And many times it’s been really useful, and inspiring. Thank you.

  15. p.s. I signed as L above.. I now blog at

    I can say that reading your blog has encouraged me to start myself. I’ve written in private for a long while, but never thought anyone would be interested in reading what I had to say. Then I realised how useful I find reading other’s experiences. Maybe sharing mine would be useful for both me and others. We shall see though.. I’m sure like you I will get the itch to click the delete button often enough!

    Just want to say – keep writing.

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