The Insane Guide to Living with Mental Illness: Psychosis

I’d written a long, detailed Insane Guide to Psychosis, but WordPress logged me out and it didn’t save.

If you would be so kind as to hallucinate the post and be under the delusion that it’s here, that would be great.

14 Responses

  1. Delusion, illusion, yes I can do that!
    Great post as usual Seaneen.
    Take Care!

  2. Wow. This Post just Wow.

    It is dripping with sarcasm and wit. Very intelligent too. Probably my favourite post. Shame about the spider crawling on the post though.

    WordPress ate a post of mine earlier today. Can not be assed typing it again today so I will do it tomorrow.

    Stay special.

  3. Heh. WordPress did genuinely eat it. I’m a bit pissed off, it ate my mixed episode guide too.

  4. jeeez, I was drinking when I read your last entry, I sprayed hot tea all over the place… still coughing and trying to choke back laughter… Another one of this witty pages and I’ll put you right in contact with my lawyers (like I had any, ha!)




    Sucks that it ate your post, but you made a great thing out of it.

  6. oh crap.
    i’m sorry to hear that

  7. Uhm. I am sorry. I thought I had included a faux html end sarcasm tag.

    This post is dry and funny. I genuinely lost a post as well. I realise without the bit saying I was joking that my previous comment made me out as a bit of a wanker.

    I am sorry that your posts were eaten and that I posted such a wanky, sarky commenet before – it really was unintentional

  8. All I saw was someone driving a chisel into the bottom of my foot. Did I do it wrong?

  9. I’m sorry yo ur post got eaten but the post you did make was quite hilarious. Bravo.

  10. write all your posts in Word and save em on your PC in a special folder.

    What if wordpress had problems and deleted this whole blog – would you have anything backed up?

  11. Oh, yeah, I agree, you should have a backup!

  12. I hope the full post sees the light of day some time, I’d look forward to it.

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